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  • Wireless Microphone Solution
    This soultion implements a set of 2.4G wireless dual microphones with USB receiver system. It could be used in the professional audio amplifier system or the KaraOK sytem, etc. With TI's ultra-lowpower MCU controler controlling the power supply of the microphone, the battery life is longer
  • Smart Computing Article - Audio Components
    , or other audio component. The difference in the inputs is the signal strength. A microphone provides a much weaker signal than the line output of a stereo component does. So if you plug a microphone into the line-input jack, the resulting audio will be barely discernable. If you plug a line-level output
  • Smart Computing Article - Jabber to justification
    On your CPUs are numerous jacks, including those for a keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, and a modem/phone line hookup. A jack is a socket or receptacle into which a connector (or plug) is inserted, especially for audio devices, such as sound cards, and telecommunications equipment
  • Smart Computing Article - Biometrics
    for future comparison. A capture system (a fingerprint scanner, microphone, or camera) records a set of biological patterns (patterns on the tip of a finger, vocal audio qualities, or blood vessels in the iris) called a
  • Computer Power User Article - White Paper: Creative X-Fi
    Some would say the best thing that s happened to computer audio was the introduction of the Sound Blaster audio card from Creative Labs. Sound Blaster brought a whole new level of sound to computing where one barely existed before. The problem, of course, is that Creative introduced the Sound
  • Wired 7.05: Fetish
    also has three videogames, but you may not want to play them where someone might see you. 8800 series: $600. Nokia: The MPEG-1 encoder/decoder chip inside the M2 Multimedia Recorder does a workstation's job, compressing stills, audio, and video into ultrasmall JPEG and MPEG formats. Uncompressed
  • Smart Computing Article - Talking Through Your Computer
    . Regardless of which type of communications connection you choose to use, you will need four items to establish a videoconference: a microphone and audio board Depending upon the system, you may also need a plug-in board to convert the visual image captured by the camera into digital information that can
  • Digital Signal Processors "Think " Analog But Work Digitally
    DSPs are purposely built to make short work of complex calculations. A basic block diagram of a DSP audio encoding, storage, and playback system. An audio source, such as a microphone, sends analog audio signals to the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADC converts the analog signal

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  • Microphones | Mouser
    Mouser is an authorized distributor for many microphone manufacturers including Knowles Acoustics, Kobitone, PUI Audio .
  • Shopping In Accessories - Big Bruin
    Audio signal distributor intended for use at press conferences with separate inputs for microphone and line signals, signal monitoring is provided by a 10 LED strip displaying a range of -40 to +10dB.
  • Shopping In Accessories - Big Bruin
    Audio signal distributor intended for use at press conferences with separate inputs for microphone and line signals, signal monitoring is provided by a 10 LED strip displaying a range of -40 to +10dB.
  • Development of a direction indicating system for a tele-support for the visually impaired
    The audio distributor distributes the audio information to both the DTMF decoder and the earphone- microphone used for talking with a supporter.
  • An experimental study in stereophonics in Cleveland
    Equipmentfor sixhigh quality microphone -to-speaker audio channels was securedfrom a number of local parts distributors and national manufacturers.
  • Architectures for personalized multimedia
    The media strands constituting a rope may be recorded at different media capture sites on the network (for example, audio at a microphone , video at a camera), possi- bly at different content providers (entertainment houses, news distributors , and so forth), some- times...
  • CR4 - Thread: Do You Need Audio & Visual Bus and Motor Coach Equipment?
    We stock high quality monitors, TVs, DVD players, PA systems, speakers, backup cameras, Audio /Video distribution gear, replacement parts, microphones from such premium manufacturers as Audiovox and Jensen for whom we're a Master Distributor .
  • Canare Unveils New Web Site
    With over 30 years of experience in the professional broadcasting industry, Canare is a leading manufacturer of Pro Audio and Video Cable, 75 Ohm BNC, RCA & F Connectors, Fiber Optics, Patchbay assemblies, Star Quad Microphone Cable, Cable Reels, Patchcords, Crimp Tools... Canare is committed to delivering high quality and innovative product solutions to OEMs, distributors and directly to...