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  • Smart Computing Article - Audio Components
    , or other audio component. The difference in the inputs is the signal strength. A microphone provides a much weaker signal than the line output of a stereo component does. So if you plug a microphone into the line-input jack, the resulting audio will be barely discernable. If you plug a line-level output
  • Linux Audio-Quality-HOWTO There is now a French translation available at . Version Version 0.0.9i by Paul M. Winkler, November 7, 2001. You should always be able to find the latest version of this document at www.linuxdj.c
    Version 0.0.9i: Yet more updates on nasty video cards. Version 0.0.9h: Updates on: USB audio; various Soundblasters; TB Fiji; some updated URLs; more about gain structure; some unsupported cards; more tips for taming rogue video cards. In version 0.0.9g: A link to a low-latency 2.2.16 kernel RPM
  • Wired 7.05: Fetish
    also has three videogames, but you may not want to play them where someone might see you. 8800 series: $600. Nokia: The MPEG-1 encoder/decoder chip inside the M2 Multimedia Recorder does a workstation's job, compressing stills, audio, and video into ultrasmall JPEG and MPEG formats. Uncompressed
  • MP3: The Definitive Guide: Sample Chapter 2
    to learn that a good recording stores a tremendous amount of audio data that you never even hear, because recording equipment (microphones, guitar pickups, and so on) is sensitive to a broader range of sounds and audio resolutions than is the human ear. After getting an overview of how perceptual codecs
  • Smart Computing Article - Jabber to justification
    On your CPUs are numerous jacks, including those for a keyboard, mouse, speakers, printer, and a modem/phone line hookup. A jack is a socket or receptacle into which a connector (or plug) is inserted, especially for audio devices, such as sound cards, and telecommunications equipment
  • Wired 9.07: Fetish
    with Audiovox's mobile MP3J. Connect the wallet-sized in-box to your computer via USB, and download your POP account into the 340-Mbyte internal memory. A text-to-speech processor converts up to 700 one-page missives into MP3 audio files, which you can play through your car stereo using the cassette
  • Smart Computing Article - Biometrics
    for future comparison. A capture system (a fingerprint scanner, microphone, or camera) records a set of biological patterns (patterns on the tip of a finger, vocal audio qualities, or blood vessels in the iris) called a
  • Wired 9.07: Fetish
    . Desktops. Digital Cameras. Gaming Gear. Home Audio/Video. Household. Mobile Phones. Notebooks. Media Players. Sports/Outdoors. Televisions. All Reviews. Video. How To. Magazine. RSS Feeds. All Wired Top Stories Magazine Wired Blogs Video. Issue 9.07 | Jul 2001. Print, email, or fax. this article

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