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NTi Audio AG
1/3rd octave band measurements with FX100 Analyzer

Octave and one-third octave band representations of measurements are widely used for real-time acoustic spectral analysis (RTA) in sound level meters. Audio Analyzers, on the other hand, typically represent spectrums with high-resolution FFT's. NTi Audio provides a tool to derive octave and one-third octave band results from FFT measurement results using the FX100 Audio analyzer. The octave and one-third octave results derived by the FX100 would be applied, for example to: Sound pressure level...

Scantek, Inc.
Nor140 Sound Level Analyzer...hand held

The Nor140 is a Class 1 precision hand held analyzer designed for the most demanding users. Options allow the Nor140 to be equipped exactly as needed.    Nor140 options include:  . 1/1 octave band. 1/3rd octave band. 8000 line FFT. Level v. Time v. Frequency logging as fast as 50 ms. Speech Intelligibility. Noise generator. Reference spectrum for quality control w/ Go-NoGo capability. Parallel time weightings. Statistical calculations. Audio recording for hours. Sound power mode...

NTi Audio AG
XL2 Acoustic & Audio Analyzer

The XL2 Analyzer forms the unique combination of a state-of-the-art Sound Level Meter, a comprehensive Acoustic Analyzer as well as a powerful Audio Analyzer. A range of measurement microphones with an electronic data sheet are available to suit your requirements. Besides being an advanced, integrating Sound Level Meter, the XL2 measures RTA and FFT high-resolution spectra, RT60 Reverberation Time, Polarity, Delay and THD+N. Optional features are speech intelligibility STIPA, extended acoustics...