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  • Incandescent A19 Lighting Legislation
    by the new regulations. Choose from the following types: High-efficiency. Linear Fluorescent. T8 Lamps. Hgh-efficiency. Linear Fluorescent. T5 Lamps. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL). High-efficiency. Halogen Bulbs. LED Bulbs. The True Cost of a Light Bulb --Costs to Consider. The obvious cost
  • Guide to Choosing the Right Light
    questions: HOW BRIGHT?. Is the work close up or is a long range beam required?. Is the extraordinary bulb life and reliability of an LED needed or is the blinding power of a halogen or xenon bulb critical?. BATTERY TYPE?. Can the budget pay for disposable batteries or does frequent use demand
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    . Thermistor Elements, Probes and Assemblies. Glass Bulb and DialTemp Thermometer. Indicating Labels, Crayons, Cements and Lacquers. Connectors and Panel Systems. Wire: Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor and Hook-up. Relative Humidity Measurement Instruments. Infrared Temperature Measurement Instruments