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  • Application: Cable Testers Use High Voltage Reed Relays

    duration pulsed currents can be even higher. MEDER’s high. Coil Voltage. 5. Volts. voltage reed relays can switch up to 10,000 volts, standoff 15,000 volts across. Max Pull-in Voltage. 3.5 Volts. the contacts, and standoff 15,000 volts from the relay coil to the contacts. Min. Drop-out. 0.85. Volts

  • LightKeeper Automotive Lighting Control Module

    (n-times to forever). - Flash headlamps (n-times to forever). • Can be added to existing wiring harness without. modification. The LIN protocol was devised to address low cost auto-. motive networks. The LIN standard is meant to replace. the myriad of low end multiplex wiring solutions in. current

  • Remote Keyless Entry and Convenience Center Reference Design with LIN Bus Interface

    . - Flash parking lights upon lock or unlock com-. and secure learning. Two manufacturer’s codes allow. mand. different manufacturers to share a public key, but retain. - Flash headlamps (n-times to forever). their own private keys. • Can be added to existing wiring harness without. This design has

  • Strain Gage Technical Data

    . Recorders. Plug-in Cards. Data Loggers. Auto-Dialers and Alarm Monitoring Systems. Signal Conditioners. Communication Products and Converters. Wireless Sensors, Transmitters and Receivers. Automation. What 's New in Automation. Automation Controllers and HMI. Process Measurement and Control

  • Category 4 Devices In High-Risk Machinery

    or machines if monitored by an appropriate safety. bot), (press), (equipment). relay. The safety relay itself, however, must meet the re-. These safety control systems shall be hardware based, or. quired Control category. in accordance with Clause x.x (for electronic devices). First, what do we

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  • Re: Need Help with Wiring a Flow Sensor and Relay

    Use a ladder diagram to simplify the wiring. I drew it out in auto cad but CR4 didn't like it. Its pretty simple: Normally open flow contact sensor to relay coil (timer) normaly open relay contact in series with normal closed temp stat: this circuit is then parrelled around the normal...

  • Re: 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup - Horn Blows on its Own

    If the truck has the factory equipped anti-theft and your friend has not changed the default settings the horn should 'chirp' (the short burst you describe) when you lock or un-lock the truck from the keyfob. As a test he could just remove the battery from the fob and any spare fobs that are la...

  • Re: Need Help with a '97 Trans Am

    One thing nobody has mentioned is the air-conditioner bypass. I am assuming your car is air-conditioned when I say this but in most vehicles whenever the air-conditioner compressor is running they have some sort of control that bypasses the temperature sensor and runs all the fans flat out. Normally...

  • Re: Normal current when in Car Running Codition in 12Vdc System

    Hello again, Bijoy. Fair enough. Well, let's see... I have a belief that (today, anyway) the typical TATA ignition/wheel lock subassembly looks like this: We can see that there is no key cylinder installed, this is a sub-assembly that includes switches, interconnects, and the steering...

  • Re: Is There a Way to Salvage Cell Phone Parts?

    No I had just drawn the alarm as a package unit here. In my alarms I use 3 555 timers. One for entry timer, one exit timer, and one for siren duration that automatically rests the alarm after its cycle, usally 4 minutes. You shouldn't try to run a siren off of pin three of the timer because you are...

  • Re: Design Of AC Current Injection

    Sorry, I did not knew that you are a fresher. I feel that we Seniors must help you to the extent possible and guide you to be a good professional in field of Engineering. Coming to your subject, 1. First decide basic functions, out of following, you should take up in your project work: 1.1 Sim...

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  • Wiring Diagram

    I am looking for a wiring diagram for GMC 2006 Sierra Seats. Heat, motors, power sources, relays etc. Anyone have this available? Black & Orange wires (2) seem to be power hook-ups, however no luck when connecting them to 12V power source. Any assist will be appreciated. Jersey Joe

  • Breaker Tripping Remotely

    Dear experts, please help me to get a wiring diagram and selection criteria for interposing relay for tripping breaker at HV side of Generation transformer using a potential free contact of RTU (ABB 511).what are detail i have to consider for this application. Please Help me. Regards Rahul

  • How it Worked: The Apollo Spacecraft (Infographic)

    Diagrams and NASA artwork show how Apollo astronauts flew to the moon.

  • Research and Markets: Global Protective Relays Market 2014-2018

    DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Global Protective Relays Market 2014-2018" report to their offering. A protective relay is a device designed to register over-current, over-voltage, reverse power flow, over- and under- frequency in order to avoid any major accidents and flashovers. It trips the circuit breaker when a fault is detected. If there is any discrepancy or the abnormal

  • When to use Multi-Function Safety Relays

    Often the Best Choice for Applications Where SingleFunction Relays Aren't Capable Enough and a Safety-Rated PLC is Overkill

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Americor Electronics, Ltd.
Relay Sockets and Power Relays

Americor Electronics, Ltd. offers Power Relays, Coils Voltage from 3 - 110 Volt DC and depending on the Model up to 380 Volt AC. Small light weight design.  Relay Sockets also available. AMERICOR Electronics, Ltd. provides Original Equipment Manufacturers with a comprehensive line of electronic and specialty connectors and interconnect products, interference suppression components, power cords and power supplies for domestic and international applications. Americor is ISO 9001:2008...

ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems
New Lean PLC Wiring Solutions

The  popular Interfast PLC pre-wiring system by ABB is expanding  their offering with new input relay interfaces and a compact output module.   Interfast is the most lean wiring solution on the market today and can reduce wiring time by at least 60%.   The new interfaces come equipped with low current switching capacity (50mW) adapted to the PLC inputs, fuse protection on the power supply, compact design with HE10 connector, and are now available in 4 voltages adapted to fit...

SEC America, LLC
Power Converters for Autos, Trucks, Buses and More

SEC America designed power converters for Autos, Trucks, Buses, Boats, Helicopters and Plan.   Typical Functions Include: Provision of Mobile DC Power For Computers. Adaptation of 12V Equipment ot Forklift Trucks. Frequency Changing for Camera Gyro Operation. Power Supply for Fuel Cell Transportation. Battery Recharging. Operation of PLCs in Vehicles. Powering AC Power Outlets in Buses. Operation of Fire Truck Electronics.  . SEC America can and will design a custom power converter...