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  • Case Study: Medtronic - Sofamor Danek -- Make Two Models and Call Me in the Morning: Medical Tools, Functional Prototypes Improve Design
    . to survive an autoclave. In addition, says senior engineering manager Troy McDonald,. “Surgeons are real y rough on these prototypes while trying them out, so we have got. to have tough material. FDM gave us the strength and durability we needed.”. Image 3: Ratchet prototype. made from tough
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    An autoclave comes in two models and is available in 150-, 200-, and 300-L sizes. Both models have a fully interlocked, easy-glide sliding door with a floating gasket to ensure a secure seal. The seal is automatically pulled away from the door at the end of each cycle to reduce wear. The autoclave
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    , the RTL driver held +-8% at 106 lb-in. after more than 150 autoclave cycles and more than 6000 actuations. Bidirectional and precise unidirectional models are available. Gauthier Biomedical Inc., Grafton, WI, USA. Machine Vision Systems Support a Variety of Cameras. Turnkey vision systems based
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    downgauging: a 9-mil polyolefin film has the strength and durability of a 14-mil soft PVC film, according to the firm. Heat-weldable EM-8400A withstands autoclave, gamma, and EtO sterilization; exposure to high levels of gamma radiation, however, may result in slight visual or physical property changes
  • NET-SHAPE metal parts in one shot
    . Investment or lost-wax casting works like this: Wax patterns of parts to be cast attach at the part gate(s) to a wax runner. The assembly is then repeatedly dipped (invested) in ceramic slurry and sand to form a thick shell. An autoclave melts away the wax, leaving behind the shell. A kiln fires the hollow
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    machine in a radically different way than a black sample. Of particular importance to the medical market is that some plastics may be highly suitable for sterilizing when molded but, when machined for prototypes, their dimensions and features can change significantly during autoclave, gamma, or EtO
  • Silicone Rubber RTV Mold Making - The Process
    the mold. After the silicone is fully cured (approximately one day), the master pattern is removed, and the mold is reassembled, whereupon the urethane material is poured into the SRM to create the cast urethane part. Step 1: SLA Master. Step 2: Pour rubber. Step 3: Cast urethane. Step 4: Autoclave
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    is more than 10 A, and, if not properly designed, the failure rates would be unacceptable. The handpiece also must be capable of withstanding multiple autoclave cycles. To overcome these issues, high-melt-temperature plastics were employed, a stainless-steel shroud was added to dissipate heat away
  • Containment Technologies Group
    of the steam resulting in a seven log reduction when challenged?. C. Autoclave. What are the materials of construction of the autoclave chamber and tubing?. Has the autoclave been validated, in terms of temperature distribution?. Has the autoclave been validated in terms of sterilization, by demonstrating
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    , and ANSI-standard valves. Parts are available in a variety of materials that can with stand gamma, EtO, or autoclave sterilization. The ISO 9001 certified, GMP-compliant company offers a variety of plastic components and assemblies for use in disposable medical devices. Halkey-Roberts Corp., 11600 9th