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Parts by Number for Automatic Clamp Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
06205 Global Industrial C. H. Hanson Co. Not Provided C.H. Hanson ® 7" Automatic Locking C-Clamp W/ Swivel Pads Soft Grip
06207 Global Industrial C. H. Hanson Co. Not Provided C.H. Hanson ® 10" Automatic Locking Long Reach C-Clamp W/ Swivel Pads
18201 Global Industrial C. H. Hanson Co. Not Provided C.H. Hanson ® 19" Automatic Locking Long Reach C-Clamp W/ Swivel Pads
FG401804A Global Industrial Rubbermaid Commercial. Not Provided Autoflush ® Clamp Automatic Flush Valve - Urinal
FG401805A Global Industrial Rubbermaid Commercial. Not Provided Autoflush ® Clamp Automatic Flush Valve - Toilet
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