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  • A 6-Speed Automatic Transmission Plant Dynamics Model for HIL Test Bench (.pdf)
    , determines the appropriate gear. for the automatic transmission based on various input. • Retrieves the plant-model generated TISS,. signals (throttle, brake switch status, PRNDL switch. TOSS signals and stimulates the appropriate. status, transmission oil temperature and other sensor. controller
  • INTACTON Optical Motion Sensors - Technology and Applications
    for. FRABA‟s INTACTON family of motion sensors make. unconventional measurement tasks, such as the. use of optical technologies to measure the. monitoring of rotational speeds in wind turbines and. displacement and velocity of objects travelling. tracking the velocity and displacement of automatic. through
  • Medical Liquid-Level Applications with Enhanced Capacitive Sensor Technology (.pdf)
    in a non-invasive manner. In most applications, it's virtually impossible to place sensing devices directly in the fluid pathway. ./504ed179-3acd-4706-9945-200c0f415bc0 Medical Liquid-level applications with. enhanced capacitive sensor technology. Accurate, automatic point level detection
  • Rad-ID Sensor Fusion (.pdf)
    -to-low energy resolution. By fusing spectroscopy data measured by smaller, less expensive high-resolution crystals with large NaI crystals, the beneficial properties of both c an provide unique and automatic spectral identification of over 100 isotopes, with no special radiological identification
  • Medical Device Link .
    by maintaining the measured values of a sensor 's sensitivity from the time it is installed. Automatic sensitivity detection prevents deviation from the correct sensitivity value. Priamus System Technologies LLC, Brunswick, OH. Hermetically sealed position sensors. A manufacturer of linear
  • Medical Device Link .
    of smallest magnetostrictive sensor available. At 36 mm, the product measures 45% smaller than its predecessors, according to the company. “Its small size, enhanced sensitivity, and automatic-adjustment features make it ideal for this application,” Russell says. Other features include a 4-mm shaft
  • Medical Device Link .
    -and-click automatic teach or custom setup. Using a remote PC, the operator illuminates the target, focuses the camera, and selects the appropriate analytical tools. Inspection tolerances can be set automatically or manually. After setup, inspection results are stored without need of the PC. The sensors
  • Don't Overlook UV Sensing
    industry for grading. purposes, and there are automatic sorting and cutting machines that. use UV sensors. Other common applications of the technology. include: EMX Industries, Inc. 4564 Johnston Parkway • Cleveland, Ohio 44128 USA. 1-800-426-9912 • FAX: 216-518-9884. R E P R I N T