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    Stencil Machines - (32 companies)
    Stencil Machines Information. Stencil machines cut or print fonts and symbols on materials and substrates. They are used to create stencils for marking applications, or to print stencils for SMT applications. Marking equipment is used to mark... Learn More
  • Cutting Services-Image
    Cutting Services - (2328 companies)
    ...cutting services, and cutting services that use water and water abrasive jets are available. Routing cutting services use a vertical, high-speed, revolving spindle and cutter which mills out the surfaces or edges of wood, plastic, metal, and other... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) - (43 companies)
    Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) provide location information about a ship to other ships and to coastal authorities automatically. AIS are to be fitted aboard all ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards engaged on international voyages, cargo... Learn More
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)-Image
    Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) - (105 companies)
    Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) are designed to perform their operations without direct human guidance. They are used in a wide variety of industrial applications and can be laser, inertially or Cartesian-guided. An automatic guided vehicle system... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Laser Processing Equipment-Image
    Laser Processing Equipment - (573 companies) controlled or programmed through a personal computer (PC) interface are also available. Manual workstations require an operator. Semi-automatic laser equipment must be loaded and setup by trained personnel. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Dovetail Cutters - (60 companies)
    ...of end or tip geometry options, including square end, ball nose, radius tip, and chamfer tip. Square end tip geometry for dovetail cutters have a square or straight end that features no radius, chamfer, or other finish. Ball nose dovetail cutter tips have... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Angle Cutters - (41 companies)
    ...teeth on the conical or angular face of the cutter and also on the large flat side. A double angle cutter has V- shaped teeth with both conical surfaces at an angle to their end faces. Milling cutters are rotating cutters used in machine applications... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pipe and Tube Cutters - (146 companies) manually, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically powered. The type of cutter used depends on the material, diameter, and thickness of the pipe or tube. Pipe and tube cutters are frequently used to create custom piping systems both... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fly Cutters - (31 companies)
    Fly cutters are rotary tools that use one or more single-point tools for plane surfacing. The fly cutter is a single-point cutting tool similar to a lathe tool mounted in a special holder. There are many types of fly cutters. Examples include... Learn More
  • Keyseat Cutters - (66 companies)
    ...of radii. Other ends and tips for keyseat cutters include radius or chamfer-tipped. Radius-tipped keyseat cutter ends are straight flutes with ground radius on the very tip. Chamfer tip ends feature an angled section of the side or the end. These tips... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Milling (machining) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
such that the cutter makes many individual cuts on the material in a single run; this may be accomplished by using a cutter with many teeth, spinning

Machine tool - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4 Automatic control 5 Examples 6 See also

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Automatic ID Chemical Processing and Waste Management 3D Stencil targets multi-level printing applications.">

Graphtec America: Cutting Plotters, Vinyl Cutters, InkJet...

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Chip Hua Equipment & Tools Pte Ltd - BGA Rework,SMT Line,...

PEGASUS 5 Current Status
Automatic partitioning and sizing of the automatic hole cutters; by default the current code creates one single automatic hole cutter which includes

Q - Index to the U.S. Patent Classification System
206 Adhesive ............................... 206 / 813* Automatic filling and weighing ......... 177 / 52+ Blister ................................

Q - Index to the U.S. Patent Classification System
Receptacle Apparel pocket strap ............... 2 / 254 Barrel bung automatic valve ........ 217 / 101 Fare box ........................... 232 /

Alpha Industrial Supply
Stencil Machines Roller Coders Gluers - SuperSize Stencil Cutter - Stencil Supplies (fountain rollers, brushes, pads, oildboard)
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