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  • The Basics of Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
    Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems are one of the most exciting and dynamic areas in material handling today. But AGVS is really not so new. Fifty years ago when AGVS was invented it was then called driverless systems. Through the years advances in electronics have led to advances in guided vehicles
  • Performance, Robustness, and Durability of an Automatic Brake System for Vehicle Adaptive Cruise Control
    detection sensor is the focal point of the ACC control system, which determines and regulates vehicle acceleration and deceleration through a powertrain torque control system and an automatic brake control system.
  • Ultrasonic Air Temperature Sensing for Automatic Climate Control - Vehicle Test (.pdf)
    An ultrasonic air temperature sensor, intended to help improve automatic climate control (ACC), has been demonstrated in a vehicle. Ideally, ACC should be based on inputs correlated with thermal comfort. Current ACC systems do not measure the air temperature best correlated to thermal comfort
  • Automatic Inductive Guidance System for Forklifts uses CANopen
    of this application is safety for the driver and the vehicle through an automatic self-test of the guidance system. With a resolution of up to ±0.04", the inductive guidance system is the ideal high accuracy solution for forklifts operating within narrow aisles. Unlike systems with selective guide information
  • Vehicle Transmissions
    Automatic and manual vehicle transmissions have always been competitive with each other. While this is still true, each has found its niche in truck and bus markets. Advantages of manual over automatic transmissions are one-third to one-fourth lower cost, lower weight, and a greater number
  • Automatic painted surface inspection and defect detection
    Buying a new car is a highly emotional act: a potential buyer will only spend a significant amount of money if he or she firmly believes in the value of the product under consideration. In this respect, the external appearance of a vehicle is of outmost importance: It is what generates the first
  • Research: Assembly alternatives for wiring harnesses in vehicle dashboards.
    Today the most popular accessories in a new car are the electronic devices. However it is these vehicle instruments which drive up the cost and weight of a vehicle. Weight, because the conventional wiring harnesses have increased so much in volume and costs because automatic alignment and assembly
  • High-Efficiency Operation of an Hybrid Electric Vehicle Starter/Generator Over Road Profiles
    efficiency operation under both steady state and dynamic loading conditions. In steady-state conditions, automatic mapping of the maximum-efficiency operating points is achieved. Based on this data, the maximum possible efficiency under dynamic load profiling can be determined. In-vehicle dynamic loading

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  • Handbook of Intelligent Vehicles
    5 Automatic Vehicles ................................................................25 .
  • Automotive Transmissions
    In 1925, Rieseler recognized the potential inherent in the torque converter as both a mov- ing-off and limited torque conversion mechanism for automatic vehicle transmis- sions.
  • AVL Systems for Bus Transit: Update
    This synthesis documents the state of the practice, focusing on the uses of computer-aided dispatch/ automatic vehicle location (CAD/AVL) systems in fixed-route and demand-responsive services (bus AVL), as well as changes in agency practices related to the use of...
  • Design Practices: Passenger Car Automatic Transmissions
    Other factors to be taken into account are antilock brakes, traction control, and automatic vehicle stability control systems.
  • Manual driver assistance systems
    Bellingham, Wash: SPIE, 1999 [11] Mayr, R.: control strategies for the automatic vehicle direction: lengthwise and transverse control, Spurwechsel- and overtaking maneuvers.
  • Automotive Mechatronics
    A general trend is emerging in the further development of systems for fully automatic vehicle handling and steering: more and more mechanical systems will be replaced by “X-by-wire�? systems in future.
  • Automotive ergonomics
    The also newer modeling approaches target of which it is and other to develop the regulator with "manlike" behavior for an automatic vehicle direction relate to three-plane model of Rasmussen whereat modeling is confined to the low fertigkeitsbasierte and regelbasierte level...
  • Fahrerlose transport systems
    Some restrictions are connected to it: So, we, not the so-called PeopleMover, consider the automatic vehicles for person transport.