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  • Photodiodes-Image
    Photodiodes - (232 companies)
    ...the reverse current varies with illumination. Photodiodes are used for the detection of optical power and for the conversion of optical power to electrical power. Photodiodes can be PN, PIN, or avalanche. PN photodiodes feature a two-electrode...
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    PN, PIN, or Avalanche
    Spectral Response
  • Photosensor Modules-Image
    Photosensor Modules - (75 companies)
    Photosensor Modules Information. Photosensor modules are compact light detectors with built-in power supplies. They use photomultiplier tubes, avalanche photodiodes, PN photodiodes, or PIN photodiodes. Photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) are evacuated...
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  • Phototransistors-Image
    Phototransistors - (92 companies)
    Phototransistors are solid-state light detectors with internal gain that are used to provide analog or digital signals. They detect visible, ultraviolet and near-infrared light from a variety of sources and are more sensitive than photodiodes...
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  • Fiber Optic Receivers-Image
    Fiber Optic Receivers - (119 companies)
    ...circuitry is required. How Fiber Optic Receivers Work. Fiber optic receivers use positive-negative junctions (PN), positive-intrinsic negative (PIN) photodiodes, or avalanche photodiodes (APD) as optical detectors. The incoming light signal is sent...
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  • Focal Plane Arrays-Image
    Focal Plane Arrays - (25 companies)
    ...and measurement applications. Specialized focal plane arrays include avalanche focal plane arrays, adaptive focal plane arrays, high-speed focal plane arrays, and industrial focal plane arrays. Avalanche diameters are small enough to allow products to use...
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    Zener Diodes - (139 companies)
    ...junction of a diode, there is a rapid avalanche breakdown. This causes the current to reverse direction. The change in current direction accelerates valence electrons within the applied electric field, enough to free them. These free valence electrons...
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    Diodes - (753 companies) PN, PIN, or avalanche. PN photodiodes feature a two electrode, radiation sensitive PN junction formed in a semiconductor material in which the reverse current varies with illumination. PIN photodiodes are diodes with a large intrinsic region...
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    Avalanche Diodes - (8 companies)
    Avalanche diodes are designed to break down at a specific high breakdown voltage (avalanche). These diodes are used for protection of electronic devices against high voltages. Avalanche diodes are designed to break down at a specific high breakdown...
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    Transistors - (650 companies)
    Transistors are electronic devices made of semiconductor material that amplify a signal or open or close a circuit.
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    Radiation Detectors - (207 companies)
    ...avalanche" which occurs after sensing even a single particle. A Geiger-M uller tube with counter. Image Credit: Andy Darvill. Scintillation Detector. Scintillation detectors are also known as sodium iodide detectors. They consist of a salt crystal...
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