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  • Cable Materials
    . Materials. Mg. Magnesium. systems, let alone on aircraft. Not so. In truth, aluminum is approved. Insulation. Zn. Zinc. for airborne use in 6 AWG or larger gauges. This is aimed at power. Temperature. Al. Aluminum. applications, not avionics systems. At the high currents appropriate to. Ratings
  • PYROID HT Pyrolytic Graphite Thermal Management Material Heat Sink Application
    A major avionics customer with a high power load application was experiencing elevated temperatures (>150 oC) and non uniform heat distribution in the base of an existing aluminum heat sink. As a result, the power device was experiencing premature, "in the field" failures which necessitated
  • Coaxial Cable vs. Triaxial Cable
    There are many variations within all the "-axial" designs, but a basic. understanding of their family names may help in making sensible. application decisions, or at least better appreciating the decisions. made by avionics and airframe engineers. ./bb7cc124-1e86-45e4-bb0f-7a4881e4bad4 coax vs
  • AleniaAermacchi increases Testing Productivity with LMS Test.Lab
    , Aermacchi is able to tackle operational in flight tests on a highly advanced M346 trainer prototype just as easily as executing vibration tests on avionics instruments for the smaller SF-260 aircraft. AleniaAermacchi increases testing productivity with LMS Test.Lab. Home. Login. Language. English
  • 100 years of Aircraft engines
    made in aerospace materials as the industry went from wood and fabric to metal and composites. And in December, we will trace some of the advances made in avionics, including radar, navigation, and autopilots. In 1902, the Wright brothers sent out a request for bids to several engine makers
  • Rapid-prototyping resin good enough for wind-tunnel tests
    sections and assembled using an adhesive specially designed for the ceramic-filled ProtoToolT 20L stereo-lithography resin. M-346 is the most advanced fighter trainer in the world. It features a variety of unconventional attributes along with advanced technologies and avionics that reportedly let
  • Comparison of Flame Retardant / Low Smoke Polymers for Cable
    Retardant / Low Smoke Polymers for Cable. (Common Application Areas: Aeronautical, Avionics, Military,. Naval Shipboard and Marine Vessels, Undersea Vessels). Material Type (Tradename). TFE. (Teflon*). FEP. (Teflon*). Fluoropolymers. (Halar**, Tefzel*). Polyimide. Low Smoke. TPE. Zero-Halogen. Low
  • Fiber Optic: Glass vs. Copper
    . Custom Interconnects. Cable Assemblies. European Parts List. MARKETS. Overview. Aerospace/Defense. Commercial Avionics. Space/Satellite. Naval. Medical. Industrial. Railway Transit. Test and Measurement. Telecom. TECH NOTES. Filter Technology. Benefits of Sabritec ARINC 600 Connectors. Surface Mount