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Provides Photogrammetric Aerial Mapping. Industry News. Software. Contract Manufacturing. Machine Controls. Design. Composites. Machining Centers. Workholding. Welding Equipment. Waterjet Cutting. Machining Applications. AV&R Vision, IMAC Automation Merge. Engineering Firm Will Specialize...

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32-bit AVR UC3 Microcontrollers
Atmel AVR 8- and 32-bit ARM-based Solutions Data Concentrators In-Home Display Units
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color Error : Bad color Features ??? High performance, low power Atmel?? AVR?? 8-bit microcontroller ??? Advanced RISC architecture ??? 131 powerful
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Circuit Cellar | Embedded Engineering and Programming...
Cornell University senior lecturer Bruce Land had two reasons for developing an Atmel AVR micrcontroller-based music box.
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Debian Weekly News - November 5th, 2002
TWAIN Image Acquisition for Debian. Bdale Garbee announced that he has ggobi -- Data visualization system for high-dimensional data.

Data Acquisition Systems,Signal Conditioning Systems
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AVR-USB data acquisition
Keywords: Universal Serial Bus, Data acquisition, Microcontrollers, Temperature sensors, Driver circuits, Software, Temperature measurement,

Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control
PC Parallel Port, BasicX, BASIC Stamp&reg, 68HC11, PIC&reg, PICAXE, Data Acquisition and Control

Data Acquisition System using ATmega8 Automation Measurement...
Data Acquisition System using ATmega8 Introduction

comp.arch.embedded: Intelligent PCI data acquisition card
Intelligent PCI data acquisition card From: Ken Barlow ( Date: 03/05/04 Blog » Data Acquisition System...
Tags: acquisition, Atmega8, AVR, Data Filed in Test/Measurements | 2,580 views ATmega8 Data Acquisition System Data Acquisition System

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