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AVR2014: AT86RF230 Receiver sensitivity measurements

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Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Arduino Powered...
Arduino Powered 2.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer Lets You Arduino forum user [Blibo shares its 2.4 Ghz spectrum analyzer project on the forum.
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PIC spectrum analyzer uses Fast Fourier Transform routine
PIC spectrum analyzer uses Fast Fourier Transform routine [Simon Inns just rolled out his latest project, a PIC based spectrum analyzer.

dsPIC-based spectrum analyzer
dsPIC-based spectrum analyzer March 16, 2011 By Mike Nathan 4 Comments Blog » spectrum analyzer
AVR VU meter and spectrum analyser This project is a? little VU meter and spectrum analyzer using an op-amp, an Arduino? and a 16×2 char lcd. Blog » spectrum
Audio Spectrum Analyzer V2.1 AVR acoustic spectrum analyzer

Audio spectrum analyzer using Atmega32 | CrazyChucks Science...
Audio spectrum analyzer using Atmega32 When speaking about spectrum we know that there is a Fourier transform involved.

Implementing Discrete Fourier Transform in Atmega32 to make an...
Now I did a small audio spectrum analyzer(0 - 10KHz) on a 16×2 character lcd using an Atmel AVR ATmega32 microcontroller.

Audio Spectrum Monitor Microcontrollers
Audio Spectrum Monitor ChaN SG12232C is a full graphics type LCD module in resolution of 122(H) x 32(V) dots.

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