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Parts by Number for B B Electronics Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
B2200 Heilind Electronics, Inc. HUBBELL CONNECTORS Connectors POLYTUF II BLACK 2 78358533331 50 FT ROLL.
B38390334 Heilind Electronics, Inc. BUSSMANN / COOPER Terminal Blocks Not Provided
B71314164 Heilind Electronics, Inc. NORTHERN TECHNOLOGI Connectors Not Provided
B8500 Allied Electronics, Inc. ELECTROSWITCH INC Not Provided Switch,Pushbutton;PCB SubMiniature; Momentary Or Latch Down;2 Circuits;Solder T.
B8600 Allied Electronics, Inc. ELECTROSWITCH INC Not Provided Switch,Pushbutton;PCB SubMiniature;Momentary;2 Circuits;1 A@6VDC/12VDC;Solder T.
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  • Class B Safety Software Library for PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs
    This application note describes the Class B Safety Software Library routines that detect the occurrence of Faults in a single channel CPU. These routines have been developed in accordance with the IEC 60730 standard to support the Class B certification process. These routines can be directly
  • Economical Bonding to Polyester Urethane and Polyethylene Foams and Low Surface Energy Substrates for Automotive, Electronics and White Goods Applications - FT B 12 Pt Bd (.pdf)
    Designed to provide an economical product for general purpose bonding, good low surface energy properties. Microsoft Word - Application Brief FT B 12 Pt Bdg.doc Specialty Tape. FT B 12 Pt Bd. Adhesion Type Rubber Based Adhesive. Product Type. Double Coated Film. Application. Economical
  • Part II ) 24th International Battery Seminar & Exhibit by Walter B. Ebner | June 2007 | A B T |
    technology integrates advances in polymer separators, nano-technology, power electronics, and processing methodologies, and the company presently holds 16 key patents on rechargeable silver-zinc batteries. Current cells offer 200Wh/kg, 460Wh/L, a cycle life of 100-200 cycles, and a recharge time of 5-7
  • Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    earth and one level of protection by a protective, or fused, earth. The basic principle is to. provide two LOPs against electric shock. Reference. Earth type. LOP. FE. Functional. 0. PE. Protective. 1. Reference. Insulation Type. LOP. OP. Operational. 0. B. Basic. 1. S. Supplementary. 1. D. Double. 2
  • U.S. Patents | August 2004 | A B T |
    for collecting condensate in an integrated fuel cell system, Michael M. Walsh, Michael S. Zanoni, and Robert A. Hoyt, Plug Power Inc. U.S. 6,743,541 (20040601), Monopolar cell pack of proton exchange membrane fuel cell and direct methanol fuel cell, Hyuk Chang and Chan Lim, Samsung Electronics Co
  • U.S. Patents | November 2006 | A B T |
    7,101,190 (20060905), Electrical connector and system having contact array interface for engaging contacts at varying centerline spacing, Alexandra Lynne Matthews Spitler, Michael Fredrick Laub, Charles Dudley Copper, and Charles Randall Malstrom, Tyco Electronics Corp. U.S. 7,101,409 (20060905
  • U.S. Patents | March 2007 | A B T |
    , Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (KR). U.S. 7,157,117 (20070102), Functionalization of porous materials by vacuum deposition of polymers, Michael G. Mikhael and Angelo Yializis, Sigma Laboratories of Arizona, LLC. U.S. 7,157,164 (20070102), Fuel cell system and control method
  • U.S. Patents | March 2004 | A B T |
    . Searle, The Gillette Co. U.S. 6,673,129 (20040106), Method of manufacturing a lithium battery, Martinus Jacobus Johannes Hack and Hans Feil, Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV (NL). U.S. 6,673,130 (20040106), Method of fabrication of electrodes and electrolytes, Alan F. Jankowski and Jeffrey D

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