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Parts by Number for Backing Ring Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
103219000 PLC Radwell Eaton Corporation Not Provided BACKING RING
G10681 PLC Radwell Acumeter Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting RING BACKUP NICKEL TEFLON BACKING RING

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  • Backing Ring Welding Procedure (.doc)
    Robvon Backing Rings are inserted into the beveled pipe end with the spacer nubs flush against the pipe land and the ring gap positioned in the area of first bead deposition. The beveled end of the adjoining pipe is slipped onto the Robvon backing ring until the edge of the pipe land is firmly
  • Elastomeric Face Seals
    movement of the joint is required. Face seals typically incorporate o-rings that mate against the face of the opposite connector to form a seal. Depending on the standard, the o-ring may be on the nose of the male threaded connector or behind the male thread on the face of the backing nut.
  • Medical Imaging Monitors Pharmaceutical Process Health
    methods are basically empirical. Filtration routinely continues far too long, wasting time. And there is no satisfactory way to spot formation of rat holes in the filter cake. With UK government backing, ITS suggested ERT for trials as a PAT tool to leading bio-processor Syngenta and filter
  • From Medical Equipment to Implants, Innovative Self-Locking Fasteners Safeguard Reliability
    alignment, " says Hines. "With its shock and vibration resistance,. we're preventing screws from backing out and preserving critical alignment for enhanced. reliability. ". Manufacturers of ultra-precision devices and instruments who face product reliability. problems or whose components are used
  • Vacuum Requirements for Steel Degassing (.pdf)
    on steel degassing plants, demonstrating. simplicity of operation with high reliability. However, for larger sized plants a larger. set of dry backing pumps is clearly needed, and economics may dictate that other. backing options may need to be considered. Liquid ring pumps (LRPs) Large LRPs (or WRPs
  • Recent Experience of Mechanical Vacuum Pumps Replacing Stem Ejectors in VOD and VD Processes (.pdf)
    ). Large LRPs (or WRPs - water ring pumps) are a very reliable way to generate fast roughing and high. capacity backing for large sets of steam ejectors or dry mechanical boosters. They are well accepted in the. steel industry as simple, reliable pumps for initial "hogging " and also to run higher
  • Recent Operating Experience with Dry Running Vacuum Pumps on Vacuum Degassing and Vacuum Oxygen Decarburising Systems (.pdf)
    of the energy required. - cost of maintenance. - cost of waste water disposal. - environmental impact. Liquid Ring Pumps (LRPs). Large LRPs (or WRPs - water ring pumps) are a very reliable way to generate fast roughing and high. capacity backing for large sets of steam ejectors or dry mechanical boosters
  • Practical Vacuum: Good Design, Procedures and Maintenance Equals Good Vacuum (.pdf)
    . atmospheric pressure either in air or in a. Typically, Roots-type mechanical boost-. in difficult applications have the best. controlled atmosphere. The cost of provid-. ers with oil-sealed piston or dry backing. chance to provide a reliable, consistent. ing a vacuum environment for these. pumps are used