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    Time and Attendance Systems - (48 companies)
    ...into the reader. This forces each employee to enter only his or her own information. Time and attendance systems include badge/swipe time clocks and wedge readers. Proximity badge systems are electronic time clocks that require employees to swipe... Learn More
  • TLD and Film Badges-Image
    TLD and Film Badges - (15 companies)
    TLD (Thermoluminescent dosimetry) badges and film badges are used to detect radiation at levels that can be harmful to humans. TLD and Film Badges Information. TLD badges and film badges are used to detect radiation at levels that can be harmful... Learn More
  • IC Clocks-Image
    IC Clocks - (103 companies)
    Consumer electronics. Wireless handhelds. Global positioning systems (GPS). IC clocks may be part of a printed circuit board (PCB) that uses a number of these components. IC clocks can also be used when an input reference clock fails to operate... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Network Clock Sources-Image
    Network Clock Sources - (22 companies)
    Network Clock Sources Information. Network clock sources are timing devices that use a signal from an atomic clock or other external reference source to set and maintain a central time for all of the elements in a network. They minimize the number... Learn More
  • Network Synchronization Products-Image
    Network Synchronization Products - (45 companies)
    ...and database communications. Network synchronization products are also used with client computers, printers, and phones with file, printer, and application servers. A network clock is a network synchronization product that use the network time protocol... Learn More
  • Power Springs and Spring Motors - (27 companies)
    ...on their application. Smaller springs can be made from beryllium copper or similar alloys. Larger springs are made from a high-carbon steel called blue clock for its color. A constant-torque power spring or spring motor attaches the free end of a spring... Learn More
  • Time and Frequency Standards - (35 companies)
    Time and Frequency Standards Information. Time standards and frequency standards can include cesium or rubidium atomic clocks, quartz oscillators, hydrogen masers and other master clocks. Time reference sources are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnetic Stripe Readers and Magnetic Stripe Encoders - (121 companies)
    ...employee badges, and credit cards. A magnetic stripe card is capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band of magnetic material on the card. The magnetic stripe, sometimes called a magstripe, is read... Learn More
  • Blank ID Cards - (75 companies) a landscape or portrait configuration and is prepunched to take a string or clip for employees to wear as an ID badge. ID badges may be simple photo identification, or may also be fitted with a magnetic stripe to allow access to buildings or other... Learn More
  • Counter and Timer Boards - (74 companies)
    ...and the on-board clock or oscillator frequency. For example, some counter and timer boards include as many as 12 independent 16-bit counter / timers. Counter resolution is measured in bits and represents the number of events. In terms of output... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Card Swipe Time Clocks
Time Clocks Pin Entry Time Clocks Card Swipe Time Clocks Time Clocks> Card Swipe Time Clocks Card Swipe Time Clocks
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Pin Entry Time Clocks
Time Clocks Pin Entry Time Clocks Card Swipe Time Clocks Bar Code Reader Clocks Card swipe clocks with bar code technology
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Compumatic Time Recorders, Inc. - Badge Swipe Card Time Clock...
Pin Entry & Badge Card Time Clocks Biometric Fingerprint Time Clocks

Data-Maxx - Employee Mobile Time & Attendance, Equipment...

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RT-ACRO-ADCT Weatherproof Enclosure for Acroprint Badge...
Home > Time Clock Enclosures > Acroprint Time Clock Enclosures > RT-ACRO-ADCT Weatherproof Enclosure for Acroprint Badge Swipe Clock Terminals

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Timers & Clocks -> Clocks Clocks (Showing headlines 1 - 20) more .... Timers and Clocks Transportation Industry Products

Badge Based or Keypad Entry Time Systems
Home > Badge/Pin Time Clocks Narrow your search: RFID (Proximity Badge) Magnetic Badge Barcode Badge
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Software for Employee Time and Attendance Management
Whether using PC, badge swipe or biometric clocking options, the process is completely paperless. Time Clocks Services Download Contact Us
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Cisco Unified Communications Store Workforce Connection...
Employees are no longer restricted by the number or location of conventional time clocks.
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Acroprint, Amano, Rapidprint, Jantek, NOVATime, Service,...
Badges / Swipe Cards Check Signers and Endorsers Computerized Time Clocks Elapsed Timers
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