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  • Retorting Colorado Oil Shale by the Aspeco Process
    The dust collector was an electrically heated box which was a combination settlement chamber and baffle box.
  • Improving the design and performance of glass furnaces
    Burner schemes, a) With reduced main arch, b) with ribbed tongue, c) with ejection equipment and dust -removal chamber ; 1) air channel, 2) supply of... ...atmosphere, 4)rib- bed tongue, 5) baffle cooled with water, 6) collector for particles of molten...
  • Correlation of radioactive waste treatment costs and the environmental impact of waste effluents in the nuclear fuel cycle: fabrication of high-temperature ga...
    For example, the orifice- or baffle -type collector is 93% efficient on 5-micron particles, 75% on 2... ...customarily exhibit efficiencies of 99% on 2-micron particles Sprav Chamber Scrubber - This scrubber, one... ...gas and settle the dust as sludge for removal...
  • Development and Application of Counter Swirling Flow Vortex Dust Collectors
    The high efficiency of this dust collector stems from the fact that at high dust particle concentration in the injected air the separated particles, which reach... ...descending helical flow moves along the generatrix of the sep- aration chamber 2, are discharged through... ...the working space of the apparatus, a louver-type discharger 7 (at the baffle plate level) connected...
  • Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems MoP 30 > Emissions Control and Monitoring
    As shown in Figure 7.14, the fabric filter has three dust tight sections: a plenum at the top, a collector housing in the center, and a hopper at the bottom. The dust-laden air enters the bottom of the unit and is distributed across the chamber by either a diffuser plate or inclined baffles .
  • Environmental Engineering - Chapter 6 Air Pollution and Noise Control
    These have application in mechanical operations for dust control such as in pulverizing, grinding, blending, woodworking, and... In general, collector efficiencies increase with particle size and from a low efficiency with baffled settling chambers , in- .
  • Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Eleventh Edition > ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL
    Baffle chambers are used for this purpose with a zigzag movement of the gas. Of all inertia separators, the cyclone type constitutes the most widely used industrial dust collector .
  • FKI industrial cassette filters
    The dusty gas enters the dusty gas pipe through the exhaust pipe and moves downwards into the bunker around the vertical baffle (separating the collector and the dusty gas chamber ) and is distributed between the filter cas- settes. The dust is deposited on the material and the gas passes to the cleaned gas chamber and...
  • ZIMR1700P227
    While the main effluents to be considered fall naturally into these three classes, available dust and fume arrestors are not so easily grouped and tend to cover a spectrum of performance ranging from low-efficiency inertial collectors to highly efficient and therefore... ...been discussed at length by Stairmand30,31 and others.32-39 For the purpose of comparison, the various types of collectors fall into the .following four main classes: (1) Inertial collectors, including cyclones of various types, baffled settling chambers , 'shutter' collectors, &c.