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  • Threaded Fittings
    cause virtual leaks and they joint may contain volatile compounds or elastomeric sealants. Threaded fittings with venting slot and TeflonTM tape seal may be suitable down to 10-6 torr at low temperatures (bakeout <260oC). For very high vacuum (10-9 torr), a clamped or bolted connection with a metal
  • RTO Handles High VOC Loading at Silgan Containers
    cleaning. Scheduled RTO bake-outs reduce the pressure drop across the heat recovery beds. Therefore, Anguil included the transmitters necessary to monitor media bed pressure drop and provide both continuous recording of this data as well as an indication to the operators when a bake-out is recommended
  • Bean Roasting
    for any particulate in the airstream, ensuring proper operation. The oxidizer also has a bake-out feature which works much like the self-cleaning feature on a stove. Organic particulate is regularily burned out during a high temperature cycle, this ensures that the media does not plug, reduces
  • RTOs Leave Nothing to HAP-penstance
    possible. With sufficient concentration of hydrocarbons would self-sustain the oxidation process. The oxidizer can be operated in an off-line bake-out mode to allow the removal of organic buildup on the heat exchange media. The potential organic material consists of methylcellulose and lactose
  • Charged Particle Analysis in Plasma Assisted Processes
    . 3e-06. 2e-06. ! Outgassing. 1% Argon. 1e-06. ! Bakeout Cycles. 0. 0. 5. 10. 15. 20. 25. 30. 35. 40. 45. 50. ! Pump Performance. Water Vapour Detection. ! Water at m/e 18. ! outgassing. ! bake-out. ! spectral overlaps. RGA Spectrum of Water. Hydrocarbon Detection. ! Backstreaming of oil. vapour
    . towards the surface over a period of time due to thermal variances [3, 4]. Therefore,. something other than a slow bake-out process or standard cleaning process is required in. order to provide a long term, and repeatable solution to practical implementation and. usage. An example of the “Hardened-Lens

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