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  • Precise moves depend on ball-screw threads
    during the grinding process. Whirling cuts threads in hardened-steel bars with a hollow tool wheel (whirling ring). Bars are centered with steady rests. Chips coming off the bar are red hot. Grinding, rolling, and whirling are the most common ways to thread ball screws. Some manufacturers use
  • A crystal ball for motor controls
    traditional factors such as the design of power bus-bar connections. An IMCC is relatively easy to install and maintain without specific training. Setup is basically plug and play. Once in place, the IMCC monitors real-time data, notes trends, tracks component history, and even organizes wiring diagrams
  • CIP Systems Raise the Bar on Cleanliness
    quot;I've seen some CIP vendors use the computer-aided design (CAD) files of the process equipment to determine things like the preferred spraying pattern of a spraying ball, " says High Purity's Lohnes. Spraying Systems Inc. (Wheaton, Ill.) uses CAD-type systems to analyze spraying patterns
  • Bearing simulation gets real
    position. The instrumented cage for testing ball-cage forces with a calibration ball in the cage pocket sans the outer ring. Axial cuts in the cage bar boost strain-gage signals and help to mechanically isolate one pocket from another. A comparison of plots from experiments and simulations show good
  • Wired 7.11: Best
    even replaces the mouse ball with an optical sensor that tracks your work surface. IntelliMouse Explorer: $74.95.
  • MCM : A New Technology in Predictive Maintenance
    , measurement of electrical signals such as voltage and currrent is much more reliable and easy, and the effects of several faults on stator current are well-known([1],[2]). Mechanical faults such as air gap eccentricities, misalignment and ball bearing defects affect the permeance and electrical faults
  • Taking Silly Putty seriously
    , solid rocket fuel, polymers mixed into cement, and rubber bands. Over time, however, golf clubs become creaky, cement weakens, and rubber bands lose their elasticity. Of all these, Silly Putty possesses one of the broadest ranges of plastic behavior. A ball of it left for a few minutes on a table

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