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Parts by Number for Ball Bearing Switch Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MGQM32-150 Allied Electronics, Inc. SMC CORPORATION Not Provided Cylinder; Guide; Compact; Ball Bearing; 32mm Bore; 150mm Stroke; Switch Capable
914CE66-3 Newark / element14 HONEYWELL S&C Not Provided HONEYWELL S&C - 914CE66-3 - LIMIT SWITCH; BALL BEARING PLUNGER; SPDT
914CE66-6 Powell Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL Not Provided Miniature Enclosed Switches Series 914CE: Ball Bearing Plunger; 1NC 1NO SPDT Snap Action; 6 foot Cable
914CE66-3 Powell Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL Not Provided Miniature Enclosed Switches Series 914CE: Ball Bearing Plunger; 1NC 1NO SPDT Snap Action; 3 foot Cable
6PA144 Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Switches - Accessories Roller - Standard; Material: Ball Bearing; Roller Mounted On Front Of Lever
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    How do you know when a linear bearing has reached its. end of travel? When the carriage hits the wall. At least, that. is how the old engineering joke goes. But in reality, crashes. are no laughing matter. Also known euphemistically as "hard stops," crashes occur. when an out-of-control pillow
  • PT 104: Cooling Towers and Process Cooler Fans
    monitoring. By measuring vibration on a regular schedule, problems can be located and. repaired before failure occurs. The most common mechanical problems are: Bearing failure. Motor soft foot. Shaft imbalance from thermal bow. Shaft imbalance from corrosion build up. Gear lock up from misalignment
  • Medical Device Link .
    A dc motor offers a service life of 3000 hours continuous duty (sintered bronze bearing version) and produces low noise. The 42-mm-diam unit is rated at a maximum 50-W usable power (at 2000 rpm). It also meets current EMC standards and will meet EN 55011 with the addition of an interference
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    ) in the front bearing of the motor shaft. Consequently, the selection of adequate bearings (sinter bearings or ball bearings, or a combination of both) in the DC motor will be the deciding factor in terms of the life of the pump. Lifetimes may reach 800 -1000 h with sinter bearings in a free-flow
  • Medical Device Link . Originally Published January/February 2001
    helmet. "Most foot switches look like an afterthought," says Chatham, "and we wanted to design something that suits the medical market." Herga's 6251 heavy-duty foot switches conform to the European norm of 240-lb weight bearing and have a life expectancy of 1 x 106 operations. The foot switches, which
  • Crash-Free Linear Motion
    . Their ball bearings and their raceway are. contained within the roller element, not within a plastic. cap. Rollon’s Compact Rail is a prime example of this type. of bearing, and it will run just fine with a shattered end. cap. And if it ever does experience any crash damage, its. interchangeable rollers
  • Earthquake Simulation Using Single or Dual-Axis Linear Motion Stages
    linear. bearing rails with 4 linear recirculating ball bushing guides provide a much higher. load carrying capacity. The wide low profile of the stage ensures a stable platform. for the payload or as the bottom axis (X axis) of a stacked multi-axis system. The larger size of the stage allows
  • Hybrid Linear Actuators: Technical Overview
    is the size 17 motor, which is at the smaller end of the hybrid stepper size range. Traditionally, a linear actuator is made by machining a hollow shaft from a bearing grade metallic material such as bronze. This hollow shaft has internal threads, which in turn engage the threads of a leadscrew. The hollow
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    to 12 V dc. The fans employ a highly integrated motor construction that reduces the overall size of the hub to optimize airflow performance. In addition, a single ball bearing system decreases overall resistance to the motor and minimizes power consumption. As a result, the fans require a low
  • Effective Monitoring of Cooling Towers
    would not detect any initial mechanical fault in the drive train until a potentially disastrous failure was about to occur. Examples of these faults were motor bearing defects, bearing and gear defects in the gearbox, loose bolts, and drive shaft problems. The whole tower had to be in a spin before

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