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Parts by Number for Ball Bearing Swivel Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
46-SWB-0520-S Global Industrial RWM Caster Company Not Provided Rwm Casters 46 Series 6-1/2"Height, 5" Signature Wheel, Ball Bearing, Swivel Caster
46-SWB-0420-S Global Industrial RWM Caster Company Not Provided Rwm Casters 46 Series 5-5/8"Height, 4" Signature Wheel, Ball Bearing, Swivel Caster
RC-7761-PR RS Electronics Bud Industries Inc. Not Provided Ball-bearing swivel type casters mount in all cabinet racks which currently accept RC-7758-PR casters. Wheels are hard tread rubber, 4" in diameter X 1.25" wide with brake.

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  • Glossary of Caster Terminology
    lubrication of the bearing without removing the wheel from the forks. These are known as Zerk Axles. Matching nuts are always sold with the axles. A set of rollers or balls that are encased in a track or Raceway that fit inside a wheel or in the Swivel section of a caster. For wet applications
  • Medical Device Link .
    coding are offered for product identification. CAD/CAM operation is possible through DXF file converting. A brushless ac servomotor provides high-resolution closed-loop feedback. The hardened rail and ball-bearing slide design does not require recirculating bearings that can transmit noise
  • How to select Casters and Wheels
    with five different wheel bearings, which exert a great influence in their performance. They are: plain bearing, nylon socket, bronze socket, roller bearing and ball bearing. For light duty loads and low handling requirements, the plain bearing or nylon socket wheels are the most suitable, providing