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  • Basic Application of Ball Detent Torque Limiters
    including sizing formulas is available in the R+W SK Series catalog. Lastly, but most importantly, always keep in mind the safety of any personnel who will be around working around the drive line. Tags: machine crash, servo torque limiter, safety couplings, torque overload, ball detent torque limiter
  • Discoveries during Development of the next generation Ultrahigh Pressure Water Jetting Machines
    for elsewhere. In connection with development of Speeders new compact ultrahigh water jetting machine we made two epoch-making discoveries. In order to make optimum lances and nozzles we made close studies of the jet movements. It may immediately seem a little unnecessary to evaluate this more closely because
  • Linear actuator simplifies machine building
    don’t have that kind of room.”. A series of machines that Osgood makes for ultraclean filling provides a good example of how the linear actuators are deployed. The machines in the series vary, but a typical arrangement would have filling nozzles arranged eight across and two in the machine direction
  • Mounting Sprockets and Pulleys on Pilot Style Clutches - Considerations & Guidelines (.pdf)
    Clutches are commonly connected to a drive system through roller chains and belting. This requires that a sprocket or pulley be mounted directly to the clutch. A pilot style clutch is made for this purpose; providing a projection onto which the sprocket or pulley will seat and a series of tapped
  • Medical Device Link .
    and include extensive internal ribbing to maximise rigidity and damp vibrations. High-precision linear guides on all axes reinforce machine rigidity while minimising friction and offering long-term reliability. A combination of high-speed brushless servomotors, fine-pitch ball screws
  • 10 Epic fails in MRO Master Management Data
    ). Eg. Is it a ball bearing, a. brg, a ball brg, a bb, b bear, a balbr, a. machine / line /plant uptime. bearing/ball type? a bearing (type unspecified)?. with clean MRO item data. 2. Taxonomy-free MRO: Having no discernible. taxonomy forces search and analysis activities. into labor intensity
  • Illinois Family Achieves American Dream with Jet Edge Waterjet
    at all the major waterjet systems on the market, the Lees decided to buy the Jet Edge. "Coming from a machining background, I felt Jet Edge had the best built machine, " Gary said. "I like the way the gantries are built and the way the ball screws are put together and that you can load it easily
  • Medical Device Link .
    center. Twin-spindle machines eliminate all secondary operations and handling. Machining operations such as turning, milling, drilling, and deburring are accomplished within the machine for accuracy and control. MicroGroup, Medway, MA Data acquisition system-on-chip. A versatile
  • MCM : A New Technology in Predictive Maintenance
    technology used in MCM can automate fault detection and prevent unplanned machine failures. The paper describes the technology and presents the results of experiments that were done to prove the capability of the MCM device in fault detection. Traditional failure prediction systems such as vibration
  • Medical Device Link .
    nitinol, stainless steel, and platinum iridium wire stock, using a centerless and OD grinding machine. The CAM SXE technology OD grinds shapes such as flats, tapers, balls, and threads, and the centerless process is applied to single- or multitapered wires. Multiple shapes are placed on the same guidewire

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