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Parts by Number for Ball Float Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
B400385 PLC Radwell Robert Mfg Valves, Control Valve FLOAT VALVE-3/8IN W/5IN COPPER BALL 10IN BRASSSTEM
FT15 PLC Radwell Spirax Sarco HVAC, HVAC Control System Boards BALL FLOAT STEAM TRAP 1-1/2IN NPT 15PSIG
PM25NO PLC Radwell Anchor Scientific Not Provided FLOAT 25FT BLACK BALL NO ROTO-FLOAT
B7200 PLC Radwell Allen Bradley Not Provided ADJUSTING BALL FOR FLOAT SWITCH
FT14 PLC Radwell Spirax Sarco HVAC, Steam Trap BALL FLOAT STEAM TRAP 232PSI

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    to be installed without adjustment. A vertically floating lead nut compensates for misalignment and prevents binding. High-precision, twin-rail stages use a fixed reference rail to align a parallel floating rail. The preloaded ground ball screw floats perpendicular to its axis in two directions during
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    to the rear of the first, looks into the engine's guts. Here, the plasma shines like the sun, as though blobs of solar matter were streaking past the glass - which is exactly what's happening. The sun is a ball of plasma, and the shaft of light before me is an Earthly counterpart. Incredibly, nothing
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    U.S. 7,556,056 (20090707), Single point battery watering system with pivot float and ball valve, William L. Hutchinson, Liquid Precision, Inc. U.S. 7,556,526 (20090707), Structures of terminals and component-to-be-loaded, Nobuhito Ebine and Toshio Takeshita, Sony Corp. (JP). U.S. 7,556,533
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    is mixed with the water in a ceramic tube, and a stream of abrasive-laden water exits the nozzle at 1000 ft/sec. Mounted to the cutting table is an x-y-axis whose drive mechanisms include tool-grade linear bearings, brushless servomotors, and high-precision ball screws. For more information, call
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    for valve selection over the past years has been discovered in some cases by trial and error.  Today, we know to use caution with ball valves in Sodium Hypochlorite applications due to to the encounters withpossible  stem fractures caused by crystallization problems.  Other actual cases have been recorded
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    compressed air systems. Some of these products have specific issues that demand attention. The following gives you some background on the shortcomings of the main types of drains. Manual Drains. A manual drain is a ball or gate valve that is installed at a drain point in the air system. These valves have
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    . Valves. Air Filters / Regulators. Bulk Head Connectors. Controllers. Electro-Pneumatic. Mechanical Pneumatic. Current to Pressure Transducers. Damper Actuators. Position Indicators / Switches / Transmitters. Positioners. Pressure to Current Transducers. Steam Traps. Valves. Angle Seat. Ball. 3-Way. Ball

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