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  • Ball screw basics
    The pros and cons of single and double-nut balls screws. Ball screws are preloaded using different methods, resulting in either two or four-point contact of load balls. And all preload methods, whether by using oversized balls, shifting pitch, or using a double nut, serve the same purpose
  • Acme Screw VS Ball Screw: Which to Choose?
    There are several differences between acme and ball screws, and as in most cases the application will determine the type of screw used. The following article will discuss a few key points that will help you choose the appropriate screw for your application.
  • Keeping ball screws accurate and reliable
    receive substantial side loads. Use two indicators, or mark the high point and note the readings, then compare them to other journal and determine the difference. Nut squareness helps avoid cocking. When using V-blocks, a ball can be inserted into one center hole of the screw and the screw pushed against
  • Ball-screw basics: Debunking the myths
    screws on the market and the attendant flood of data from manufacturers, designers can have a tough time sorting out what truly affects ball-screw performance. Information often focuses on whiz-bang features that bring few real benefits, while more mundane but critical factors are missed completely
  • Actuators tackle the tough jobs
    more contact points than balls screws of the same size. This extends their life and increases stiffness and load capacity. Planetary roller screws are efficient and compact devices that convert rotary motion into linear motion. They perform the same types of tasks as do Acme or ball screws
  • Which last longer, single or double nuts?
    Whether or not the shaft or just the nut rotates can make a critical difference, and not just in terms of critical speeds. Engineers working with ball screws usually use conventional life-expectancy equations for nuts with two-point contact. When it comes to four-point contact nuts, however, many
  • Secrets of Accurate Machining
    tools. So it has become crucial to avoid thermally induced deviations in workpiece dimensions. Active cooling, symmetrically designed machine structures, and temperature measurements are already common practice. The primary cause of thermal drift is in the recirculating ball screws of the axis
  • Resolution, Accuracy and Repeatability
    ), drive mechanism (ball screw, lead screw, linear motor), and trueness of bearing ways. The measurement reference for Aerotech linear products is a laser interferometer.

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