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Ball slides are sometimes referred to as ball and rod bearing assemblies, or ball bearing slides. Ball slide stages are simply ball slides coupled with a drive mechanism. The result is a very smooth linear motion, accurately controlled by rotation of the drive mechanism. Ball slides use a bearing...

The Ball Slide is pre-built, pre-loaded and accurate over short repetitive strokes. Since the ball slide is based on rolling elements with contact on hardened and precision ground shafts, the life is predictable according to B-10 life calculations and is defined by travel length and loads applied...

The use of micrometer-driven ball slide positioners has reduced setup time for centerless grinder guide systems from 10 minutes to 15 seconds, speeding production of guidewires used in medical procedures. The tips of these wires, which travel through blood vessels in procedures such as angioplasty...

Ball slide assemblies that provide nearly friction-free performance help keep a popular line of eyeglass frame tracers on track. Frame tracers need to follow the outline of an eyeglass frame while applying only a tiny amount of pressure on the frame to avoid distortion. At the same time, the high...

The slides carry higher loads than ball slides of equal size. The crossed roller slides also provide accuracy of 0.0001 in./in. of travel, and repeatability of 0.0001 in. to meet the accuracy requirements of the application. A four-position walking beam conveyor indexes the four-up columns from the first...

Misconceptions can lead to overspending and premature failure. Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies Ball screws come in a myriad of types and styles. Look at factors such as accuracy, preloading, and lubrication to help match the right product to a given application. With so many different ball...

Whether you want to design your own linear slide table system or buy one as a readymade, off-the-shelf assembly, there are a wide variety of linear products available on the market today. Materials like plastic or bronze leadscrew nuts, ball screws, as well as a variety of belt-driven ball bearing...

Many conventional rotary and indexing applications are solved with standard ball or roller bearings, especially in the smaller size ranges of up to 200-mm diameter. Robotic arm: The 360 ring provides low-friction stability with smooth rotation. Eccentric bearings allow for easy installation...

Most manufacturers in the ball slide and cross-roller slide industry refer to cage creep as the phenomenon in which there are two parallel cages containing ball or cross-roller bearings and during system travel the cages lose alignment with each other. This cage creep, or cage migration...

A dispenser that has a centered and balanced drive provides accuracy and stability within its entire 14-in.-wide travel. Each axis features preloaded ball slides and leadscrews for machine tool -like performance. The open bottom and removable pallet system means no mechanics or electronics...

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  • Design of a New Tribometer for Tribological and Viscoelasticity Studies of PTFE Valve Seats
    The recipro- cating sliding speed rotary of the ball is commanded by pneumatic distributor with variable temporizer.
  • Processes of gas exchange in closed cavities in the production of powders. I. Investigations on models of chambers
    I) aperture with slide valve; 2) gas distributor ; 3) ball mill; 4) air distributor.
  • Hydroelectric plants
    ...that an overtravel by the subsea lock through an electronic protection device can be prevented that of vibration phases systemgefährdender in the case, the further opening of the turbine conductive apparatus or the opening the prevents before the pumps arranged ball slide . ...the bottom chamber that a compound between both main branches of the unterwasserseitigen distributor harp, the surge...
  • Hydroelectric plants
    ...daB an Uberschwingen schlieBlich by underwater-schloB through an electromechanical protection device can be prevented that of vibration phases systemgefahrdender in the case the further Offiien of the turbine conductive apparatus or it Offiien the prevents before the pumps arranged ball slide . ...bottom chamber a transverse gallery a compound between the both Hauptasten the unterwasserseitigen distributor harp, that WasserschloB...
  • Sluices for pressure reactors, concepts, and executions
    Cone valve, ball valve, plate slide machine, apparatuses separators, dryers irn Druckrauin, separator Bucker, dosing devices, distributor sealings .
  • Production of new equipment
    Spherical ball bearings for the crankshaft are installed in re- cesses bored in the side wall and... Guides for the piston crosshead and the slide valve distri- butor are provided in the frame casting.
  • Cage Creep
    However, for those customers that must ensure that end of travel is a critical and repeatable location; take a look at the new anti-creep ball and cross-roller slides from Specialty Motions. Specialty Motions, Inc. is a manufacturer, distributor , integrator and assembler of linear motion systems and components.
  • New-generation expendable materials for cold molecular welding
    ...head, pumps, and other units Structures and casings of motors, reducers, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, distributors , etc. Shafts (necks, bearing seats); key slots (grooves); seatsof ball bearings, sliding (plain) bearings, rolling bearings; pump impellers;casings of gate valves, valves, counters; surfaces of gate valve wedges; threadedjoints .
  • CR4 - Thread: Looking for Integrated Actuator Solution
    Hydraulic equipment is fairly standard, and most local "fluid power" distributors (hydraulics and pneumatics) can put together... Or design your own custom support frame using "pillow block" bearings and slides , with adjustable positive stops. This will accurately control your z-axis coining depth (even precision ball screws have some backlash .
  • Tapered Roller Bearing from CIS Bearing Group Co., Ltd, China
    Ball Bearings, Roller Bearings, Other Bearings, Bearing Accessories, Needle Bearing, Pillow Block Bearing, Sliding Bearing, High Precision Bearings, Spherical Plain Bearing, Special-purpose Bearings   Less... Related Searches : Bearing Exporter , Bearing Supplier , Bearing Distributor .

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