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Parts by Number for Ball Switch Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BT514-3 ASAP Semiconductor LightCntry Not Provided ROLLING BALL SWITCH
BT514-3 ASAP Semiconductor LightCntry Not Provided ROLLING BALL SWITCH T.H
AZ15162053 PLC Radwell Schmersal Pneumatics, Pneumatic Accessories CATCH GUARD SWITCH BALL CATCH
WLSD3-LD Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Switches LIMIT SWITCH HORZ BALL PLUNG LED

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    to ensure proper operation in cold temperatures. The silicone fluid mainly serves to minimize chatter that arises naturally when the metal ball touches the metal contacts of the switch. Ordinary mercury switches experience no chatter because the mercury provides a wetting effect. The rolling action
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    piston viscometers, gravity provides the constant force to move the piston or ball. Switches are used to determine the time of travel and an indication of viscosity. Typically, falling ball viscometers are laboratory bench instruments and are suited to in-line operation.
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    that produces an electrical output which. varies with angular movement. This definition excludes all visual/mechanical. devices such as "ball-in-tube " slope indicators, pendulum protractors, and bubble. levels, as well as devices that use mercury switches and/or electromechanical. triggers that deliver
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    provides early warning of machine degradation and impending disaster. In the past, vibration monitoring was a technical challenge due to slow rotational speeds, a variety of support structures, and wet corrosive environments. Mechanical ball/spring vibration cutoff switches were traditionally used
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