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  • Mercury-free switches
    to ensure proper operation in cold temperatures. The silicone fluid mainly serves to minimize chatter that arises naturally when the metal ball touches the metal contacts of the switch. Ordinary mercury switches experience no chatter because the mercury provides a wetting effect. The rolling action
  • Galvanic Corrosion
    As the natural gas distribution industry switches from the traditional iron plug valves to brass ball valves some gas utilities have expressed concern that the brass valves will cause galvanic corrosion of the steel pipes to which they are attached.
  • Traditional solenoid valves are simple to install but may not be the right solution for long term reliability or high flow applications
    Replacing a solenoid valve with a DynaMatic electric ball valve...Why and how?. Solenoid valves are typically easy to install and are used in applications utilizing pressure, flow, temperature and level switches. They can also be controlled by PLC units that only output a single control signal
  • Electrolytic Tilt Sensors and Inclinometers: A Primer - Sensors Online Magazine, September 2004
    what actually qualifies as a true tilt sensor, we must first understand what, exactly, one is. A tilt sensor can be defined as a device that produces an electrical output which varies with angular movement. This definition excludes all visual/mechanical devices such as "ball-in-tube" slope
  • PT 104: Cooling Towers and Process Cooler Fans
    provides early warning of machine degradation and impending disaster. In the past, vibration monitoring was a technical challenge due to slow rotational speeds, a variety of support structures, and wet corrosive environments. Mechanical ball/spring vibration cutoff switches were traditionally used
  • 100 years of flight - Keep them flying : Navigation
    an objective view of what their plane is doing was the turn-and-bank indicator (TBI). Bill Ocker, an army sergeant, "borrowed " one from a navy ship and eventually upgraded and patented a version for aircraft. The bank indicator is merely a curved tube with a steel ball in it. As the plane turns
  • Computer Power User Article - No Need To RAM Your Head Against A Wall
    an upgrade path for those who want to switch to DDR2 later. DDR2 also comes in an FBGA package with a ball-grid array, making it sturdier and less space-consuming
  • Tales from the Front: Applying Fieldbus at Genzyme, Part 1
    , which are used primarily for sanitary diaphragm valves and quarter-turn ball valves. AS-i was also used for discrete input devices, such as valve limit switches and proximity switches found on process transfer panels. AS-i may have simplified installation, but at the time, it had limits: three years ago

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