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Parts by Number for Ball Transfer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
BALL-S30 Global Industrial Vestil Mfg Co Not Provided Vestil Ball Transfer Conveyor Strip 30"L 75 Lb. Capacity Per Ball
BALL-S60 Global Industrial Vestil Mfg Co Not Provided Vestil Ball Transfer Conveyor Strip 60"L 75 Lb. Capacity Per Ball
BALL-S40 Global Industrial Vestil Mfg Co Not Provided Vestil Ball Transfer Conveyor Strip 40"L 75 Lb. Capacity Per Ball
MBT-1CS/SS Global Industrial Hudson Bearings Llc Not Provided Hudson 1" Stainless Steel Ball With Steel Housing Drop-In Ball Transfer
MHST48-18.25-24.25 Global Industrial Omni Metal Craft Not Provided Leg Support 18" To 24"H For Omni 48" Between Frame Width Ball Transfer Table
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  • Ball Bearing Overview
    . Bearings are specified to handle certain maximum amounts of radial and axial (thrust) loads. Typically, ball bearings transfer their loads from their outer races to the balls, then from the balls to their inner races. Since the balls are spheres, they only make contact with the inner and outer races
  • Rotary Ball Spline Technologies And The Effective Differences of Two Rotational Nut Technologies
    is constructed with 3 basic components: a grooved shaft, a spline nut, and ball. bearings. Unlike ball bushings, the ball spline nut rides on a grooved shaft, which prevents the. nut from rotating on the shaft. This allows transfer of torque through a shaft to a nut or vise. versa. However, a typical
  • How To Size a Ball Screw
    Ball Screw Selection Example. Specification: Equipment: Transfer Table Screw Orientation: Horizontal Load Supported on Dove Tail Ways: .20 Coefficient of friction Load is 2500 lbs. Max (combined weight of product and table) Stroke Length: 38" Travel rate: 600 inches per minute (Max.) Input RPM
  • Have ball screws become a commodity?
    on a threaded shaft. Balls recirculate in one of two ways: through external tubes that transfer the balls from one end of the nut to the other; or with internal deflectors that divert balls to the next thread or down the entire length of the nut. Ball screws with external-tube return systems cost less
  • Nearly Frictionless Ball Slide Assemblies Help Keep Eyeglass Frame Tracers On Track
    Ball slide assemblies that provide nearly friction-free performance help keep a popular line of eyeglass frame tracers on track. Frame tracers need to follow the outline of an eyeglass frame while applying only a tiny amount of pressure on the frame to avoid distortion. At the same time, the high
  • Angle Joints and Ball Joints Create Movement
    such as cushioning, drawing, tilting, levering, etc. But that is not all. Housings, ball studs and Co. are as various in their geometry, appearance and construction as the ideas of the designers. There are standard parts in every possible size, construction and material composition available for most
  • Variables of Pin Transfer (.pdf)
    Pin transfer is a way of selectively depositing a semi-solid or liquid material (like a solder paste or ball-attach flux) onto a substrate. It is commonly used to apply flux to BGA (ball-grid-array) pads to promote subsequent solder sphere attachment. Pins are dipped into a reservoir of material so
  • Increase Productivity Through Vibration Packing
    this on one piece of equipment and would have the operator make the two transfers manually. SOLUTION: Our solution was to provide a flat deck vibrating table driven with an airpowered piston vibrator (explosion-proof by design). The table top was designed to house a set of air-powered ball transfers

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