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Fluorodediazonization in ionic liquid solvents: new life for...
Fluorodediazonization in ionic liquid solvents: new life for the Balz-Schiemann reaction

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Balz-Schiemann reaction Bamberger rearrangement Appel reaction Arbuzov reaction, Arbusow reaction

Named Reactions
Balz-Schiemann Reaction - Named Organic Reactions This is a general structure of the Balz-Schiemann reaction.

Schiemann Reaction. G. Balz and G. Schiemann, Ber. 11, 295 G. Schiemann and W. Winkelmuller, ibid.

Palladium-Mediated Fluorination of Arylboronic Acids We thank...
is fluorine-18 (18F), which is typically introduced into fluorination reaction of arenes is currently available for the PET tracers through the

1804 SPECIAL TOPIC Carbon?Fluorine Bond Formation for the...
4 Balz?Schiemann Reaction 5 Palladium-Mediated C?X Bond Formation 6 Palladium-Mediated Nucleophilic Fluorination 2 Nucleophilic Fluorination 7

Published on Web 03/02/2010 Mechanism of C-F Reductive...
1996, 525, 225? (6) Balz, G.; Schiemann, G. Ber.

New F-18 Labeling Method
Balz-Schiemann reaction * High temperature, harsh reagent, corrosive, explosive Low yield ~ 2-15% RCY Only 1 F is from BF4 is transferred to arene

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amounts to about 25%, not far from the total selectivity of all the Balz-Schiemann steps to achieve the same result.
See Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH Information

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