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    lace_V|4 walking_shoe_N|1 resin_N|62 raft_N|6 balsa_N|3 spaced_J|11 banana _N|11 driving_belt_N|1 adhesive_bandage_N|2 handkerchief_N|3 neckerchief_N|1 attire_N|18 dart_N|9 cartridge_belt_N|1 concertina_N|2 endless_J|14 saw_N|17 brass_N|29 land_mine_N|3 balcony_N|12 jacket_N|49 � � hood_V|5 perambulator_N|1 bassinet_N|1 double-reed_instrument_N|2 oboe_N|11 genuine_J|20 dubious_J|4 sewing_stitch_N|4 take_up_V|20 tyrannical_J|4 french_revolution_N|20 cudgel_N|3 go_for_V|5 low- grade _J|2 cocaine_N|14 coca_N|2 cannabis_N|1 � � sewn_J|7 copper_sulphate_N|1 quicklime_N|1 ionization_chamber_N|2 boron_N|8 boron_trifluoride_N|1 neutron_N|31 proportional_counter_tube_N|1 reform_school_N|1 youth_N|19 bosporus_N|4 rocking_chair_N|3 wine_bottle_N|6 plug _V|3 cap_V|4 breast_feeding_N|2 � � conveniently_R|3 dessert_N|30 teaspoon_N|3 tablespoon_N|3 lightly_armored_J|1 radio_signal_N|10 radioactivity_N|13 modulation_N|10 carrier_wave_N|7 juvenile_J|6 juvenile_court_N|1 cleansing_agent_N|5 emulsify_V|3 hospital _ward_N|2 clinic_N|11 detoxify_V|1 � � air_pressure_N|11 ironmonger_N|1 grating_N|7 imperfection_N|10 marplan_N|1 nydrazid_N|1 isuprel_N|1 isordil_N|1 voluminous_J|2 antifungal_J|3 sporanox_N|1 ruffle_N|5 jacks_N|1 connector _N|5 jump_out_V|1 pumpkin_N|6 �
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    � inauguration_N|3 fluoridation_N|1 startup_N|2 initiation_N|3 adult_N|16 foundation_N|15 scientific_J|9 authorship_N|2 dispute_V|5 telephone_N|17 installation_N|3 a_few_J|62 start_N|18 hospital _N|23 coach_N|15 think_V|113 � � arithmetic_N|1 recalculation_N|1 yield_V|9 larger_J|8 multiplication_N|5 equal_V|9 summation_N|1 construction_N|20 pythagorean_J|1 theorem_N|5 judgment_N|27 contestant_N|2 teaching_N|16 grading _N|1 factor_N|25 estimation_N|2 � � map_N|8 wooden_J|12 neck_N|29 tie_N|17 proclaim_V|2 spare_J|5 element_N|30 composition_N|16 faculty_N|11 computer_accessory_N|1 pretty_R|15 connect_V|19 conduit_N|1 connector _N|1 amplifier_N|3 napoleon_N|2 � � drumstick_N|1 medallion_N|1 veal_N|1 loaf_N|3 cheese_N|11 porridge_N|1 mince_V|4 beef_N|2 pie_N|3 bacon_N|3 butty_N|1 eater_N|4 iceberg_N|3 banana _skin_N|1 crabapple_N|1 tangy_J|1 � � seeker_N|1 seer_N|1 sentry_duty_N|1 shaker_N|1 mover_and_shaker_N|1 card_shark_N|1 spiller_N|1 shopaholic_N|1 crack_shot_N|2 shooter_N|1 shoveler_N|1 silly_N|1 odysseus_N|1 plug _V|4 siren_N|1 slammer_N|1 �
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    � 1,0). s(102687138,1,'baluster',n,1,0). s(102687268,1,' banana _boat',n,1 � � 3,0). s(102779458,3,'derby',n,1,0). s(102779458,4,' plug _hat',n,1 � � 3,4). s(102979439,2,'connexion',n,4,0). s(102979439,3,' connector ',n,1 � � 2,4). s(103016207,1,'creche',n,1,1). s(103016207,2,'foundling_ hospital ',n,1 � � 1,0). s(103325172,1,'grace_cup',n,1,0). s(103325284,1,' grade _separation',n,1 �
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    � 00::'). sk(102783994,1,'baluster%1:06:00::'). sk(102784124,1,' banana _boat%1:06:00 � � 00::'). sk(102881757,4,'derby%1:06:00::'). sk(102881757,5,' plug _hat%1:06:00 � � 00::'). sk(103091374,2,'connexion%1:06:00::'). sk(103091374,3,' connector %1:06:00 � � 00::'). sk(103129471,1,'creche%1:06:00::'). sk(103129471,2,'foundling_ hospital %1:06:00 � � 00::'). sk(103451253,1,'grace_cup%1:06:00::'). sk(103451365,1,' grade _separation%1:06:00 �
  • noun.artifact (
    � attached; used to play basketball; "he banked the shot off the backboard") } { backbone, connector ,@ network,#p � � bannister,#p (one of a number of closely spaced supports for a railing) } { banana _boat, cargo_ship,@ � � which people could go for shelter during a battle) } { basuco, cocaine,@ (low- grade cocaine mixed with � � ship,#p (a compartment on a ship between decks; often used as a hospital ; "they put him � � liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped) } { bottle1 �
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation: A Practical Perspective of the Design Construction and Test of Medical Devices
    � baleens baleful balking balkier balkans ballads ballast ballets balloon ballots balmier balsams bamboos bananas banding bandies bandage � � gossips gossipy gouache gouging goulash gourmet goutier governs gowning grabbed grabber gracing grackle grading graders gradate gradual � � plights plinths plisses plodded plodder plopped plotted plotter plovers plowing plowmen plowman plucked plugged plugger pluming plumage � � hornpipe horologe horology horribly horrible horrific horsiest horsecar horsefly horsemen horseman hosannas hospices hospital hostages hostlers hotfoots � � congeners congenial congeries congested congolese congruity congruous congruent conjoined conjugate conjuring conjurers connected connector conniving connoting connubial �
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    � Baltimorean balustrade balustrades Balzac Bamako Bamberger Bambi bamboo ban Banach banal banally banana bananas Banbury Bancroft band � � Conley Connally connect connected connectedness Connecticut connecting connection connectionless connections connective connectives connectivity connector connectors connects Connelly � � graced graceful gracefully gracefulness graces Gracie gracing gracious graciously graciousness grad gradation gradations grade graded grader graders � � horseman horseplay horsepower horses horseshoe horseshoer horticulture Horton Horus hose hoses hospitable hospitably hospital hospitality hospitalize hospitalized � � plowed plower plowing plowman plows plowshare ploy ploys pluck plucked plucking plucks plucky plug pluggable plugged plugging �
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    � closely spaced supports for a railing'). g(102784124,'a ship designed to transport bananas '). g(102784218 � � into which people could go for shelter during a battle'). g(102806274,'low- grade cocaine mixed with � � g(102812785,'a compartment on a ship between decks; often used as a hospital ; "they put him � � liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped'). g � � 'an instrumentality that connects; "he soldered the connection"; "he didn''t have the right connector between the amplifier �
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    � balsam balsams balustrade balustrade's balustrades bamboo bamboos ban ban's banal banally banana banana's bananas band bandage bandaged � � connectedness connecter connecters connecting connection connection's connections connective connective's connectively connectives connectivities connectivity connector connector's connectors connects � � grace graced graceful gracefully gracefulness graces gracing gracious graciously graciousness gradation gradation's gradations grade graded gradely grader � � horsepowers horses horseshoe horseshoer horseshoes horsing hose hose's hosed hoses hosing hospitable hospitably hospital hospital's hospitality hospitals � � plotter's plotters plotting ploy ploy's ploys pluck plucked plucker pluckier pluckiness plucking plucky plug plug's plugged plugging �