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  • Fast rigorous analysis of shielded planar filters
    (a) Plan of boxed edge-coupled bandpass filter.
  • Role of the transitional arc in the radiation of the metric and décimétriques waves of the flash
    During the exp6rience TRIP 82 the sensor 6 conceals form6 of a conical antenna on a plane of mass; its current it 3 dBs strip 6 conceals of 20-200 MHzes but one could use it until / t 500 MHzes by... ...pulse have r6v616 the appearance of an r6flexion between the antenna and the casing of the antenna... For the exp6rience TRIP 83 we have utilis6 an antenna h6misph6rique on a plane of mass; its...
  • Natural Computing in Computational Finance
    bacteria foraging optimisation algorithm, 109, 110 bagging, 155 bandpass filter, 217 bankruptcy prediction, 161 bloat control, 162, 169 boltzmann annealing, 33 box and whisker plot, 169 Brock, Dechert and Scheinkman test (BDS), 201 ...index tracking, 11 constraint handling techniques, 77 data mining, 141 defined contribution pension plan , 27 differential evolution...
  • Practical regulating technique
    Web control 346 bandwidth 306 video tape thickness measurement 107, 321 video tape thickness control 321, 327 belt speed 306, 315 video tape length 314 bandpass filter 51, 408 band stop filter... ...angular adjustment 341 block diagrams, - plan 7, 15, 135, 182... ...point 133 printer 356, control 281, 290, regulator 141, 288, 362, behavior, pressure - container 89-messdose 31...
  • A millimétrique integratable new line: the line at fins
    ...conventional guide are -- of the ristiques caract ~ few sensitive 61eetromagn6tiques to the variations of the odds of the guide (tol6rance 61ev6e) and at losses a downward useful passband &endue in the walls... ...aluminum); m; -- a structure planar easy int6grable ~t to... The d6part in the ealculs can be said that the casing (iei the guide) is taken into...
  • The characteristics of the waves propagating in periodic structures have the slow waves in microelectronic technology
    ...~ sultats ohtenus also show that for H [ d > 4 the effect of casing is almost 61imin6. ...diff6rence between the phase velocities of two modes plays a r61e important on passbands and prohibited of... By lowering the plane of mass sup ~ rieur, the phase velocities tend towards the m~me value...
  • FOCUS Enhancements Begins Sampling Its Fourth Generation Proprietary NTSC/PAL Digital Video Co-Processor Technology quality with programmable brightness, contrast, saturation, and composite Y-notch and C bandpass filtering to prevent... FOCUS also plans to incorporate the FS400 in its line of PC-to-TV video scan conversion set-top boxes during 1999, thus introducing advanced video quality capabilities while dramatically reducing the cost of goods and retail pricing.
  • Computer graphics and image processing
    bake buffer, 280 Backface-CuUing, 67 534, 307 roasting propagation, 732, 793, 807 bandpass filters, Bandsperre 528... alarming value image, 412 Binomial filters, 634, 648 bit plane, 432 bounding box , 297 bounding sphere... ...images, characteristic scale parameters, 360 CIE norm colors 82, 300 clipping, 363 Clipping, flat , 46, 53, 94...
  • LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite) Observation Campaign: Strategies, Implementation, and Lessons Learned
    The NIFS IFU field of view is inset in the small red- box and the radius of... ...the ejecta regolith, or significant changes in the spectral slope over the NIFS bandpass pre- versus post... 8.1 Planned Observations and Observing Techniques .
  • Wide ribbon cable and access networks
    Is DMT, a drahtgebundenes base video-tape-multi carrier method, in principle the same, how the band pass -multi carrier method OFDM. The region by ADSL extends bis 1104 kHzes and contains tone 256 channels so-called or Bin(Behälter) : is further used tone 1 (DC) for telephony (about 300 Hzes to 3,4 kHzes). The division of this bandwidth on Upstream and Downstream depends on Annex, video tape plan and profile.

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