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Phase detector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Phase detector From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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These four functions are completed by five elements; Detector, Transducer, Transmitter, Controller, and Final Control Element.

Xilinx XAPP854 Digital Phase-Locked Loop (DPLL) Reference...
Reference Phase Signal Phase B Error Decode Detector T DN Down Counter VCOCLK Counter Reset X854_04_062106 Figure 4: Accumulating Bang-Bang Phase
See Xilinx, Inc. Information

Bit-Error Rate Estimation for Bang-Bang Clock and Data...
bang-bang clock and data recovery circuit, bang-bang phase detector, bit-error rate estimation, error statistics, high-speed serial links, jitter,

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gain of bang-bang and adjust loop gains for same loop parameters 14 Bang-Bang Phase Detector ? Key result: PLL with Bang-Bang detector can achieve

A new bang-bang phase/frequency detector for fast locking of...
A new bang-bang phase/frequency detector for fast locking of phase-locked loops

Binary Phase Detector Gain in Bang-Bang Phase-Locked Loops...
Binary Phase Detector Gain in Bang-Bang Phase-Locked Loops With DCO Jitter

produced by a bang-bang phase detector in re- logic of a bang-bang phase detector operates as follows: For any sponse to the phase error by replacing

Communication Circuits Laboratory - UCLA
CMOS Clock and Data Recovery Circuit With a Half-Rate Binary Phase/Frequency Detector," IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 38, pp.13-21, Jan.

Communication Circuits Laboratory - UCLA
a 40-Gb/s phase-locked clock and data recovery circuit incorporating a multiphase LC oscillator and a quarter-rate bang-bang phase detector.

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