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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
102MG15 Digi-Key Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors, Transducers SINTERED BAR MAG THREADED SHAFT
103MG6 Digi-Key Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors, Transducers PRESSED BAR MAGNET .078" SQUARE
103MG10 Digi-Key Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors, Transducers PRESSED BAR MAGNET .156 X .078"
56052964 Global Industrial Nilfisk / Kent Inc. Not Provided 12" Magnet Pick-Up Bar For Reliavac 12" Upright Vac
101MG7-BP Allied Electronics, Inc. HONEYWELL MICROSWITCH Not Provided Actuator, Magnet;Alnico VIII sintered bar;6.3mm dia;6.3mm Length
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  • Magnet Grade Chart
    ABS Discs. WB Series Pawns. WB250D Buttons. Glass Marker Board. Ferrofluid. Educational Items. Eddy Current Demonstrator. Ferrofluid. Gauss Cannon. Magnetic Viewing Film. Sculpture Kits. Steel Balls / Ball Bearings. Chrome Steel. 440C Stainless. Ni Plated. Custom Magnets. Steel Discs. Separator Bar
  • Magnetic Field Sensors as Speed Monitors
    with integrated preloaded magnet, the contact-less potentiometer, which generates its signals with an external bar magnet and the incremental speed sensors respectively distance measuring sensors which material measure consists of a magnetic ring or magnetic tape. The resolution thereby ranges from almost
  • Magnetic Fields & Shields
    Typically, most people have been exposed to the phenomena created when you lay a bar magnet on a table, place a piece of glass over it and sprinkle iron filings on the glass. What turns up is a pattern of lines formed by the iron filings going from one end of the magnet to the other. Although
  • Radio Frequency Drying Systems
    polar molecules in the material to continuously reorient themselves to face opposite poles, much like the way bar magnets behave in an alternating magnetic field. The friction resulting from molecular movement causes the material to rapidly heat throughout its entire mass. Areas in the material
  • Residual Stress
    techniques are useful on ferromagnetic materials such as steels. Ferromagnetic materials consist of small magnetic regions resembling individual bar magnets called domains with each domain separated by a domain wall. Each domain is magnetized along a certain crystallographic easy direction
  • Why Our Float Magnetic Field is Superior
    . It is apparent. that at the location of the indicators, switches and transmitters, the field. would not be as intense. While some competitors use a single annular. ring magnet, others use a series of single bar magnets in a circular. array in their float design. The relative field strength
  • Magnetic Shielding FAQs
    be found in solenoids, bar magnets, and some motors and transformers. Magnetic fields are used in creative ways to create sound (speakers), microscopic images (microscopy), and record resonance images through MRI technology. In some cases, however, the fields interfere with sensitive electronic
  • Application: Door Sensor-Fire, Safety Exit (.pdf)
    museums, warehouses, banks, auditoriums, restaurants and other buildings. frequented by people, require the exit door be shut at all times except in the case of. Must. t clo. l s. o e dis. i tanc. n e. 5. 2000 mm. an emergency. The doors also bar anyone from any unauthorized entry. By law the. doors must

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