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  • Life Sciences Industry Case Study: Cell Analyzers with 2D Barcode Readers Help Streamline Laboratory Workflow
    See why Miltenyi Biotec chose Microscan 2D imagers for their analyzers to achieve a single integrated solution for autolabeling of samples and barcode detection of antibodies. ./e98d2fa8-9776-41e6-b424-6d8e098a29dd LIFE SCIENCES. Application Case Study: Miltenyi Biotec, Germany. Cell analyzers
  • Medical Device Link .
    by depositing silver, and the light scattered from the particles is detected with the Verigene Reader optical detection system by Nanosphere Inc. (Northbrook, IL). The detection of a specific DNA barcode sequence indicates the presence of a specific protein. The increased sensitivity is derived partly
  • The Best of Pittcon 2007
    and color. This fully automated system uses a non-destructive test method and provides flexible data acquisition and export. The company also offers a multi-device version of the LiQC, which integrates an automatic bar-code reader to test at least 30 samples at once. Aspectrics, whose vice president
  • Trans Fatty Acid Analysis
    1655-05. With a simple interface for non-technical operators, a. sample is placed on the ATR sample plate and in under a. minute, a result is displayed as a direct readout in percent. trans fatty acid. If desired, a barcode scanner can identify. the sample and the results can be accessed electronically
  • Barcodes in Healthcare Are Application Driven
    systems and carefully managed to. completely automate data keeping processes. Additionally, these barcode reading fixed mount. scanners are integrated within equipment found in labs and at the patients' bedside. Glucose. monitors and blood analyzers are two examples of integrated data capture where
  • Understanding the Role of Auto ID in the FDA's UDI Initiative
    will be. identifier. very easy – just place a barcode on the box like every vendor. of every item available at a typical supermarket. It turns out. • The program specifies that the UDI, and if present,. that it is not so simple. Some medical devices, such as heart. production identifier, are formatted using one
  • Alcohol Measurement in Beverages
    . The simplified. interface does not required a technically. trained operator. If desired, a barcode scanner. can identify the sample and the results can be. accessed electronically from a remote. laboratory. Spectra are also stored in the. program for quality control personnel to review. The por. o
  • Measuring Deuterium Oxide in Water
    , a sample is placed on the ATR. sample plate or in the transmission cell and in under a. Concentration: minute, a result is displayed as a direct readout in. 13.61%. percent D2O. If desired, a barcode scanner can identify. D2O. the sample and the results can be accessed. electronically from a remote