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Parts by Number for Barometric Sensor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MS5637-02BA03-50 Digi-Key Measurement Specialties Inc. Sensors, Transducers BAROMETRIC PRESSURE SENSOR
325534009-50 Digi-Key Measurement Specialties Inc. Sensors, Transducers SENSOR BAROMETRIC 1.1BAR 16BIT
BARO-A-4V-REF-PRIME Digi-Key All Sensors Corporation Sensors, Transducers SENSOR PRESS BAROMETRIC 4V
BMP085 Digi-Key Bosch Sensortec Sensors, Transducers DIGITAL BAROMETRIC PRESSURE SNSR
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  • Selection of the Right Pressure Sensor
    . offer ranges from 1 bar or even 700 mbar as. well as barometric pressure ranges. Examples. -. Absolute pressure sensors are used to. measure atmospheric pressure in. barometers or altimeters. For these. applications special barometric pressure. Atmospheric pressure. ranges are offered, e.g. from 600
  • Oxygen Sensor Operating Principle Construction Note (.pdf)
    . total. å i. (1). with the total barometric pressure, are known. i=1. Firstly water vapour pressure is calculated: From equation (1) it can be derived that the ratio of the. number of particles (n. i) of an individual gas component to the. æ H Re ö. total number of particles (n. l. total) of the gas
  • Interfacing Pressure Sensors to Microchip's Analog Peripherals
    that is specifically designed to measure barometric pressure. Untitled Document AN695. Interfacing Pressure Sensors to Microchip’s Analog. Peripherals. This application note will concentrate on the signal con-. Author: Bonnie Baker. ditioning path of the piezoresistive sensing element. Microchip Technology
  • Operation Principle and Construction of Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors of the XYA Series
    pressure and the. total barometric pressure we can work out the. volumetric content of oxygen as: 204.8. O %. . Vol =. ⋅100 = 20.77 %. 2. 986. E / 11154 / C. 2/9. Operating Principle and Construction. of Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors of the XYA Series. 2. SENSOR FUNCTION. 1.2
  • Did You Know that the Calibration of Carbon Dioxide Sensors is Affected by Changes in Altitude?
    The carbon dioxide sensors available on the market today are calibrated for operation at sea level. As the altitude increases, air density (and the number of carbon dioxide molecules) decreases in accordance with the ideal gas laws. Since the sensor is calibrated at standard barometric pressure
  • Wireless Devices for Temperature Monitoring (.pdf)
    a closer look. As a. bonus, most of the devices discussed below also work with humidity and barometric pressure sensors. Transmitter Options. The temperature sensors most commonly in use are thermocouples and RTDs (resistance temperature. detectors). The various types of transmitting units available wil
  • Medical Device Link . Implementing MEMS Technology in Today's Medical Electronics
    breathing for ventilators. They can provide barometric pressure correction for blood-gas analyzers. Drug-delivery inhalers can incorporate pressure sensors on DIPs to help control the release of medication. The least expensive way to package sensors is as surface-mount components. Most sensor
  • Medical Device Link .
    independently of cerebro-spinal fluid diversion devices and is free from any error caused by progressive obstruction of a proximal catheter. Because the device automatically corrects for temperature and external barometric variation, it can be used reliably across a range of physiological

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