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  • Pre-Treatments Used With Coatings
    increased potential for atmospheric, or handling induced corrosion. It is essential to apply coatings as expeditiously as possible.2 Grit blasting is adequate for many applications. Hand grit blast has a high labor content. Barrel blasting, where possible, tends to be at a bulk application cost
  • Applying Thin Film Coatings Used in Medical Devices (.pdf)
    will determine the coating thickness. on the surface. A common liquid flow control solution is the use of a syringe pump as illustrated. in Figure 3. A syringe pump is a positive displacement liquid flow control technology that uses a. digital stepper motor to incrementally move a piston in a barrel in small
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    and available with either air or water barrel cooling and vented barrels; and the Prodex III, available with screw diameters up to 10 in. and barrel L/D ratios up to 50:1. Prodex extruders are designed to offer processors several key benefits. These include high speeds (in some cases up to. MPMN
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    An OEM stopcock is designed for speed, ease of use, and efficiency. A user of the Twist-N-Ject stopcock attaches a syringe containing fluid medicine to the axial port located on top of the lever, twists the syringe barrel to point the lever toward the desired port, and then injects the medicine
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    timers to control a high-duty-rate solenoid valve. The dispensing cycle time, between 0.01 and 31 seconds, is operator adjustable. A configurable barrel suck-back feature prevents low-viscosity fluids from dripping. Each dispenser comes equipped with hardware, fittings, hoses, a foot switch, a barrel
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    specifically designed for use with low-viscosity fluids. The fluid is contained in a handheld barrel fitted with a piston that prevents suck-back and seals off fumes. An adjustable vacuum control prevents drips and beading on the dispense tip. The dispense time and deposit size can be set by means of a foot
  • Plastics Consultancy Network - Profile and sheet extrusion
    line begins with the hopper which holds the plastic material (in either powder or granule form). The hopper continuously feeds the material to a heated barrel which contains a rotating screw. This screw transports the polymer to the die head and simultaneously the material is heated, mixed
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    and dispensing of two-component materials, the u-TAH Nano system is compatible with industry-standard dispensers. The system is said to be easier to use than conventional dual-barrel syringes and cartridges, and its single-use nature adds convenience while minimizing the risk of patient-to-patient