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Parts by Number for Barrel Pump Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
KTI-72200 Global Industrial K-Tool International Not Provided K-Tool Hand Rotary Style Barrel Pump
KTI-72205 Global Industrial K-Tool International Not Provided K-Tool Lever Style Barrel Pump
G412 PLC Radwell Lincoln Industrial Not Provided PUMP, BARREL, LG PLST #2
G410 PLC Radwell Lincoln Industrial Not Provided PUMP, BARREL, SML PLASTIC
6796 PLC Radwell Alemite Not Provided BARREL PUMP, TELESCOPING
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  • Pumped on Quality - How One of the Largest Biodiesel Producers in the U.S. Relies on Blackmer Pumps
    biodiesel, but it also delivers it to its customers. Whether the product is sold via tanker truck, railcar or by the barrel, the company makes sure each shipment meets ASTM D 6751. "The infrastructure that's needed to produce 30 million gallons of biodiesel per year is significant," Doll says
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps Move Clarifier Underflow
    . The treatment. use in the RES treatment plant, the. produced the same pressure as four-. plant has a 30,000-barrel-per-day (1.2. pumps also needed to be chemical stage pumps but were much smaller. million-gallon-per-day) capacity and. resistant to a 120,000 parts per mil-. and less expensive than other
  • Medical Device Link .
    and available with either air or water barrel cooling and vented barrels; and the Prodex III, available with screw diameters up to 10 in. and barrel L/D ratios up to 50:1. Prodex extruders are designed to offer processors several key benefits. These include high speeds (in some cases up to. MPMN
  • Medical Device Link .
    An OEM stopcock is designed for speed, ease of use, and efficiency. A user of the Twist-N-Ject stopcock attaches a syringe containing fluid medicine to the axial port located on top of the lever, twists the syringe barrel to point the lever toward the desired port, and then injects the medicine
  • Medical Device Link .
    timers to control a high-duty-rate solenoid valve. The dispensing cycle time, between 0.01 and 31 seconds, is operator adjustable. A configurable barrel suck-back feature prevents low-viscosity fluids from dripping. Each dispenser comes equipped with hardware, fittings, hoses, a foot switch, a barrel
  • Medical Device Link .
    , provides high precision and durability for a wide range of applications. The stepper motor/leadscrew pump integrates reliable mechanical and fluidic functions. A variety of piston seal designs and a large selection of syringe barrel sizes are available, as is customization. TriContinent, 12555 Loma Rd
  • Medical Device Link .
    smaller than that occupied by standard dispensers of the type. The system additionally features slotted side panels for mounting accessories. It can be fitted with options such as a flexible task light, a 1.7 x magnifier, a flexible syringe-barrel holder, and an ergonomically designed barrel grip
  • Medical Device Link .
    1�8 in. (3.2 mm) in length. These pellets are fed from a hopper on a molding machine into a reciprocating screw, which carries them through a heated barrel. Shear generated by the flights of the screw melts the plastic as it is conveyed toward the front of the barrel and mixes the melt so
  • Preparation of Isinglass Finings
    sedimentation. The use of isinglass finings was originally confined to traditional British and Irish beers, brewed with "top fermenting" yeast which rises during fermentation. Spent yeast and other solids are precipitated by the addition of finings, either in the barrel (with traditional "cask conditioned
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    specifically designed for use with low-viscosity fluids. The fluid is contained in a handheld barrel fitted with a piston that prevents suck-back and seals off fumes. An adjustable vacuum control prevents drips and beading on the dispense tip. The dispense time and deposit size can be set by means of a foot

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