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  • Creating cloud base stations with TI's KeyStone multicore architecture
    issues ranging from site acquisition, to coverage and capacity enhancement, to environmental stewardship (green base sta¬tions). This paper explores how TI is scaling its KeyStone multicore architecture for the emerging paradigm of C-RAN base stations, enabling the creation of device pools
  • Radio Frequency Interference in Hospitals
    Hospitals are replete with sources of interference and many applications that require the ultimate in reliability to assure patient safety. Patient telemetry systems, cellular telephones, bluetooth devices, security radio systems, police and paramedic radios, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, cordless
  • Wired 8.03: Must Read
    to consumers as the heartbeat of the Apple AirPort. On the PC side, Wireless Ethernet options include Aironet, which makes the 4800B family of base stations ($1,495) and radio cards ($295) pictured here. To share files wirelessly with a small business team, only the radio
  • Medical Device Link .
    First Wireless Chip Designed for In-Body Communication Systems Debuts ) has introduced the world 's first transceiver chip designed exclusively for wireless communication systems that link implanted medical devices and base stations. The ZL70100 ultra-low-power transceiver chip fully meets the MICS
  • MIT Researches Wireless Energy | Research & Development | January 2007 | A B T |
    MIT Professor of Physics Marin Soljaccicc and his colleagues Aristeidis Karalis and John Joannopoulos have worked out a theoretical scheme for a wireless-energy transfer that could power devices within a few meters of a small power "base station " plugged into the mains. Beaming power through
  • BlackBox Models for Discrete and Integrated Low Noise Amplifiers
    In communications systems, Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) amplify weak signals received by the antenna. Their applications extend from wireless infrastructure systems to satellite communications. For example, they are deployed in GPS receivers, public safety radios, base station receivers, military
  • Calculating Required Elevation Beamwidth
    of omnidirectional or sectorial antennas at base station sites. Note: calculations and examples below do not account for equivalent earth radius or Fresnel zone clearance as these are discussed in a separate application note entitled "Calculating Radio Path Clearance". To note also is that for paths of 10
  • Addressing the Signal Integrity Challenges of High Speed Board Designs with Serial RapidIO (R) Switches
    Signal integrity (SI) issues are becoming a major concern for designers of digital hardware. As data rates grow in Wireless Base stations, Radio Network Controllers, Wireline networking infrastructure and Military Avionics, the layout of boards becomes increasingly complex. Today, high speed serial
  • Peter Cochrane
    Most telecommunication networks are still designed as if the constraints of the copper and radio past were still with us: compress the signal; save bandwidth; minimise hold times; continue with the old protocols, interfaces and switching architecture's - although they are now the new bottle-necks
  • Medical Device Link .
    . New ultra-low-power radio-frequency (RF) technologies are spurring the development of innovative medical tools, from endoscopic camera capsules that are swallowed, to implanted devices that wirelessly transmit patient health data. Communication links between external programming devices (or base

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