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  • Deposition Control and Measurement
    The SQM-160 measures thickness and deposition rate of the thin film deposition process. The base unit can monitor from 2 independent measurement channels. Four relays are available to control source and crystal shutters during the deposition process. Upto nine films can be stored in memory
  • Cool Idea! Winner Ready To Make Waves
    , the SOLOSHOT remote and base. units remain in radio communication allowing the SOLOSHOT base to automatically rotate to keep your. camera pointed at you.
  • Processing Teflon (R) Using Digital Laser Material Processing Technology
    , without significant degradation of the base unit. Material directly in the laser path is cleanly ablated away into vapor and a fine Teflon (R) powder.
  • PKE System Design Using the PIC16F639
    and 2. Input sensitivity of the transponder, transponder units. The base unit inside the vehicle 3. Antenna directionality, and transmits a Low-Frequency (LF) command that searches for a transponder in the field. Once located, 4. Battery life of the transponder. the transponder in the vehicle owner's
  • Removing any inkling of Yngling doubt
    hulls. The Tracker can measure large or distant objects (within a 230-ft range) to an accuracy of 0.0001 in. An operator first places the Tracker base on a tripod. Measurements are taken as the target reflector is guided along the surface. The device projects a beam that bounces back to the base unit
  • Computer Power User Article - A Bluetooth Bonanza
    available as we went to press) should remedy most of those shortcomings. The slick part is how the HS-700 snaps into the HCC-110 base unit, which plugs into any car's DC power outlet. The HCC-110 comes with several switch settings you can fine-tune for optimal results. The built-in speaker cranks out
  • Medical Device Link .
    . The Reflex clamp platen design ensures parallelism between the mold-mounting surfaces, and the rigid base design supports the moving platen weight as it rides on linear bearings, independent of the tie bars. Because tie bar grease is eliminated, the potential for part contamination is reduced. For more
  • CVC Electro-Mechanical Feeder
    An inclined vibratory surface, screen section. was used. A vacuum is drawn through. screen to remove fine dust from the product. and aid in cooling material. Removable. covers with quick clamps were attached. The. unit base is wheel mounted with power drive. which enables mounting the unit
  • Planetary reducers eliminate machining step to keep costs down
    A face-mount (MM7300SA) model in the NEMA-34 configuration (threaded holes in the reducer face and a 0.75-in.diameter, 1.5-in.-long shaft with a standard 0.1875-in. keyway). Other options include an offset shaft, mounting from the reducer side via through holes in the reducer flange, base mounting
  • Medical Device Link .
    , such as consumer electronics. In doing this, they are supporting the healthcare industry push to deliver faster response and increased lifesaving and monitoring capabilities in the field, as well as in fixed-base medical facilities. Beyond portability, there is added urgency for medtech manufacturers

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    Historically there are differences between HM Revenue and Customs estimates for VAT- registrations due to timing; the inclusion of solely PAYE based units (for 2008 onwards) and differences in definitions.
  • Introduction to Quantum Metrology
    The creation of quantum standards of the base units of the International System (SI) is in accordance with the objectives set by the International Committee for Weights and Measures and realized in collaboration with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).
  • Ultra Low Bit-Rate Speech Coding
    Other work to use syllable based unit definition for segmentation are [CKBC99] which detects local maxima of the function of ‘sonority decrease’ to further identify and select syllables, (this work uses syllables as alternative to the ALISP units, discussed separately in Sect.