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  • Designing Lithium-Ion Batteries for Military OEMs (.pdf)
    the battery will be exposed to. fast, automatic disconnection of cells from a. or other surrounding materials. faulty charger. Battery boxes are critical for several military. A safety vent should be built into the cell. applications to withstand extreme environ-. and operate when a cell’s internal
  • Li-ion Battery Temperature Trends During Charge and Discharge (.pdf)
    usually a switching power supply with a controller. that implements the CC/CV algorithm required for optimum. charge of Lithium chemistry cells. At least 10% of the. energy passed through such a charger is lost as waste heat. which can be conducted into the battery via terminals and. other
  • Li-ion Battery Temperature Trends During Charge and Discharge
    . At least 10% of the energy passed through. and contribute to battery temperature rise over a several hour. such a charger is lost as waste heat which can be conducted. charge or discharge cycle. into the battery via terminals and other structures. Some. The electronics aside, an often neglected
  • Application Guide for PPTC Thermistor
    packs Using strap type PPTC in series within battery pack will avoid the followed faults occurring. a. Shorting of the positive and negative terminals. b. A runaway charging condition in which the charger during charging, fails to stop supplying current to the package when it is fully charged. c

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