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  • Battery Failure Prediction (.pdf)
    The weak link in a standby battery-based emergency system is the battery. The batteries referred to here are either flooded (wet) cell type, or the valve-regulated type (VRLA). These batteries are typically used to power UPS systems, switchgear, oil pumps, telephone central office, outside plant
  • How to Select and Install an Inverter/Charger Battery Backup System for Your Sump Pump
    WARNING: Potentially lethal voltages exist within an inverter/charger as long as the battery supply and/or AC input are connected. Please consult the manuals that came with your inverter/charger and batteries for important safety information. A battery backup system for a sump pump consists of two
  • Long Live the Battery: Expert Tips for Extending Life by Optimizing Pump Efficiency (.pdf)
    The challenge for any manufacturer of handheld and portable battery-operated equipment is to extend product life. By maximizing the efficiency of each component in the design, overall product efficiency increases. If a diaphragm pump, which regulates the flow of air or gas, is one of the components
  • U.S. Battery and Fuel Cell Patents :: ABT Online :: October 2008 :: Advanced Battery Technology ::
    U.S. 7,381,034 (20080603), Hydrodynamic pressure bearing pump with a shaft and a bearing having hydrodynamic pressure generating grooves, Yuji Shishido, Sony Corp. (JP). U.S. 7,381,086 (20080603), High reliability battery contact assembly and method of forming same, Peter B. Gilmore, David H
  • The Common Pitfall of a Sump Pump Battery Backup
    While we at SEC America have offered many power converter requirements through the careful selection of off-the shelf unit specifications, we will build to custom mechanical and electrical specifications. Our highly qualified engineering staff is ready to match a unit design to your exact physical
  • Micromotors for Miniature Pumps
    Miniature pump applications, both in liquid and gas mediums, require a variety of motion options to accommodate end user needs. Portescap offers multiple solutions, each providing advantages for the specific application. Our coreless brush DC motors offer simple control, long battery life
  • U.S. Battery and Fuel Cell Patents | October 2007 | A B T |
    (20070807), Bipolar plate fabrication by roll bonding, Xiaohong Gayden, Yen-Lung Chen, and David R. Sigler, General Motors Corp. U.S. 7,252,689 (20070807), Method for fabricating lithium ion secondary battery, Akiko Fujino, Shinji Nakanishi, and Hizuru Koshina, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd
  • U.S. Battery and Fuel Cell Patents :: ABT Online :: December 2008 :: Advanced Battery Technology ::
    ), Hydrogen storage tank, Mitsuya Hosoe, Izuru Kanoya, Ryogo Sakamoto, Terumi Furuta, and Hajime Goto, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (JP). U.S. 7,431,570 (20081007), Capillary pumps for vaporization of liquids, Thomas M. Young, Mark Richardson, Robert A. Lerner, and Barry H. Rabin, Vapore, Inc. U.S. 7,431,746

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