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    Syringes and Needles - (201 companies)
    Syringes utilize a cylinder and plunger for precise delivery of liquids or gases in analytical, medical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology applications. Many times needles are included with the syringe. Syringes and Needles Information. Syringes... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Syringe Pumps - (64 companies)
    Infusion or withdrawal syringe pumps provide high pressure and high accuracy for applications such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Used to deliver precise amounts of fluid at specific time intervals. Syringe Pumps Information... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Biological Materials - (96 companies)
    Oral regeneration materials. Artificial limbs. Bone grafting materials. Wound or burn dressing materials. Bio-surgical materials. Regulations. The study and use of biological materials is under strict regulation and requires specific protocols... Learn More
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    ...applications. N2O also helps alleviate anxiety in patients. Nitrous oxide is commonly referred to by its nickname "laughing gas" because of its intoxicating effects, and when used as an analgesic it is usually a precursor to other intravenous or oral... Learn More
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    ...for manual operation. Images credits: Allied Health Products; Nasal Bulb Syringe... Learn More
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    Image Credit: Environics, Inc. | Renishaw | PDQ Precision, Inc. Medical equipment and supplies are used in medical, dental, hospital, pharmacy, and clinical laboratories. Products range from simple bandages, tongue depressors, and syringes... Learn More
  • Precision Dispensing Needle Valves - (56 companies)
    Precision dispensing needle valves are designed to provide precise fluid dispensing depending on applications. The dispensed output can be in the form of a bead, dot or fill. The valve dispenses fluid when the activator (for example, air) acts on a piston, which shifts the spool or needle into the open position. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Dispensing Valve Systems - (157 companies)
    Dispensing valve systems are designed to provide precise fluid dispensing depending on applications. The dispensed output can be a bead, dot, flat spray, round spray, or fill (potting). The type of dispensing pattern from dispensing valve systems is determined by valve design and is dependent on dispensed fluid properties. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Laboratory Filters - (166 companies)
    ...across the filter. Fouling is minimized by design features that cause the G force to reach the filter at an angle, sweeping accumulated molecules from the surface. Syringe filters consist of a filter element and housing assembly and are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pump Repair Services - (374 companies)
    Pump repair services repair and rebuild used pumps. Search by Specification | Learn More
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...that differentiate them. The first application is based on isolation and characterization of rare circulating tumor cells. Paradigm Link blood glucose meter, developed jointly by BD Medical, Diabetes Care (Franklin Lakes, NJ), Medtronic MiniMed (Northridge, CA), and Nova Biomedical (Waltham, MA), and manufactured...

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10 mL BD™ oral syringe with tip cap, amber
305209 - 10 mL BD? oral syringe with tip cap, amber (100/sp, 500/ca) Oral syringe Brand BD? DNR (Latex) free?

BD Safety Syringes
BD Worldwide About BD Contact BD Careers BD Integra? Syringe with Retracting BD PrecisionGlide? Needle
See Becton Dickinson and Company Information BD Medical Medical Surgical Systems Catalogue...

a1medicalsales: BD Needles & Syringes
/ Hearing Screening BD (Becton Dickinson) BD Alcohol/Peroxide BD Anesthesia BD Applicators/Swabs BD Bandages BD Bedside Items BD Bottles/Jars/Flasks

BDTM Sharps Collectors BD VETERINARY PRODUCTS Extra Large...
the risk..."1 3 mL Syringe Only 1 " Selecting, Evaluating, and Using Sharps Disposal Containers" 309586 3 mL Syringe, Slip Tip 100/shelf pack, 800/cs

Neuropsychopharmacology - The [sigma-Receptor Antagonist...
the effects of systemic administration of the SigR antagonist BD-1063 on operant oral ethanol self-administration in dependent Wistar rats withdrawn
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Wells Johnson Disposables
BD SYRINGES 1cc BD Syringe 24-4071-00 (Case of 10) 3cc BD Syringe 24-4072-00 (Case of 10) 5cc BD Syringe 24-4070-00 (Case of 10) 10cc BD Syringe
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