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  • How to Use Ball Slides
    as a pre-made linear stage for such applications as. mechanical pushers on an assembly line, attached to a pneumatic cylinder for accurate straight. line motion, add to a rack & pinion for motorized operations. Attach bearing assembly to the top. carriage for a mechanical slide/cam trigger device
  • 3 Tips for Choosing a Linear Slide Table
    Whether you want to design your own linear slide table system or buy one as a readymade, off-the-shelf assembly, there are a wide variety of linear products available on the market today. Materials like plastic or bronze leadscrew nuts, ball screws, as well as a variety of belt-driven ball bearing
  • Teaching new components old tricks
    the general industry trend in slides has been toward roller-bearing technology, the SPS instead relies on a T-slot plainbearing design. T-slots aren't new, admits Jeff Schneid, the division manager, but they exemplify "proven, workhorse technology. " Rollers might run with lower friction, but that's usually
  • Breakthrough in Ultra Precision Linear Motion Guides
    by the ballscrew deflection, the ballscrew nut is retained by parallel springs and only linear force is transmitted. (b)About non-contacting slide guide. shows an air bearing arrangement using Granite material typically used for surface plates. Since the granite material is of natural origin
  • Laser Welding 3D Contoured Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    the laser energy and to apply the necessary contact force, thus eliminating the need for a verticle, mechanical clamping device. To accomplish this, a glass ball on a frictionless air-bearing is put into position and pressure is applied via a self contained pneumatic slide
  • Hard Automation Welding Options for Wind Power Industry
    lbs. @ 24 in. from adapter plate with a 17 ipm travel speed. Features heavy-duty assembly for single or twin arc applications. A reverse motor facilitates simultaneous welding from two systems in close proximity. Rugged construction – Ball-bearing V-wheels ride on hardened steel rails mounted
  • Plane Bearings That Grease Themselves
    , and a chain running through a channel are all examples of plane bearing. Sleeve or flange bushings, thrust washers, linear-slide plates, friction bearings, and wear pads all fall into the plane-bearing category. If there are no balls, needles, retainers, or races, it 's a plane bearing. In addition
  • An Indepth Look at MISUMI Linear Guides
    Basic structure of linear guide includes (1) a linear guide rail, (2) a linear motion block, and (3) balls as a roller bearing element. In order to meet wide range of requirements different elements can be combined with basic structure. Like adding seal plates to linear block