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  • Calculation of vibration by forced rotation in a ball bearing
    In a ball bearing vibration is generated in axial, radial, and rotating directions. In certain bearing applications, vibration can have a significant effect.
  • BF3202 Gluten Fan Bearing Inspection
    on a 600hp center hung process fan. Almost immediately oil analysis began showing ferrous wear in the form of very small black oxides and small flakes of steel in the inboard (motor side) bearing. Vibration levels were normal and the bearing operated within normal temperature range. A method
  • Bearing Wear
    Wear of plain bearings is influenced by the state of lubrication and, conversely, wear characteristics influence the various lubrication states. Hydrostatic bearings do not wear when operating properly because the bearing surfaces are separated by a film of oil. Erosion of flow restrictors
  • Managing Critical Roll Bearing Deterioration
    pressure roll and top press roll bearings. The data was then posted to Azima DLI's Reliability Portal for an analyst to review. The Azima DLI vibration analyst reviewing the data confirmed the mill's suspicions and determined that the top press roll had developed a new bearing defect from the drive side
  • Using Metrics in Bearing Condition Monitoring
    technology, the Bearing Lifeguard system with MDA removes the complexity and requires minimal understanding of the underlying vibration analysis technology. The system applies proven diagnostic techniques to obtain statistical failure estimates. It measures and quantifies low frequency acceleration
  • Load Rating and Bearing Fatigue Life
    As stated previously, most small bearings are used in applications where rotational accuracy and low torque are primary requirement and loads are light. Therefore the operating lifetime of the bearing is relatively long, and, if properly operated, failure is rare. Nevertheless, all bearings have
  • Vibration Analysis Case Study - Bearing Failure Avoided (.pdf)
    This is a case study on a fan system where a bearing was found to have bad bearing which was changed in time to avoid a catastrophic failure which would have shut down production and racked up monetary losses.
  • Hollow bearings dampen vibrations
    vibratory load on the bearing, like a load caused by imbalance, is absorbed by roller flexibility. Preloading compresses all rollers to the same radial height, and they rotate as if they were all exactly the same diameter. Hollow rollers are lighter than solid rollers which reduces

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