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  • Power Springs and Spring Motors-Image
    Power Springs and Spring Motors - (27 companies)
    Power springs and spring motors are rotational-drive springs that are wound tightly and mounted on an arbor. They are used in applications such as retractable reels, tape measures, and retracting seat belts. Power Springs and Spring Motors... Learn More
  • Natural Fibers and Fabrics-Image
    Natural Fibers and Fabrics - (212 companies)
    ...with a gage that contains two flat cylinders for a relevant sample area and a spring-loaded mechanism for a consistent, applied pressure. Overall width or outer diameter (OD) - The cut width of a roll of fabric or textile material. Overall length. Fabric... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Spring Washers-Image
    Spring Washers - (148 companies)
    Spring - Disc Springs, Belleville Washers UK. Circlips - Disc Spring Selection. WCL Company - Spring Washers: Descriptions/Designs. Schnorr Corp. - Handbook for Disc Springs. Bauer Springs - Disc Springs. Seastrom Washers - Spring Washers. Mubea Disc... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Constant Force Springs-Image
    Constant Force Springs - (38 companies)
    Constant force springs are a variety of extension spring. A strip of steel with a preset curvature is coiled tightly so that each turn of the strip rests on its inner neighbor. The spring is actuated in a pulling, liner motion with the deflection... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Extension Springs-Image
    Extension Springs - (283 companies)
    Helically wound to oppose resistant forces, extension springs have consistent mechanical energy to return to its no-load, compressed position. The ends of the spring are attached to components intended to move apart, with the extension spring... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Compression Springs - (379 companies)
    Compression springs are the most recognizable of spring and are intended to oppose compaction in the direction of the axis. The spring is extended at rest, shorten and store energy when a load is applied, and is one most efficient energy storage... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Torsion Springs - (253 companies)
    Helically wound springs that deflect torque rotationally, torsion springs express mechanical energy through the property of elasticity: the spring action happens when it is twisted rather than compressed or pulled. Despite the name, torsion springs... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gas Springs - (112 companies)
    The maximum cycles per minute are the rated frequency of compression/extension cycles. Compression or Extension. The absorption or damping action for gas springs can be compression or extension. In a compression gas spring the shock absorption... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flat Springs - (106 companies)
    Flat springs are flat strips of material that, when deflected by an external load, store and release energy. Flat springs are actually small, stamped metal components that function like a spring by controlling deflection within small or restricted... Learn More
  • Air Springs - (52 companies)
    Air springs contain a column of air in an elastomeric bellow or sleeve to provide suspension, isolation, or actuation. Commonly found in vehicle suspension systems, perhaps in conjunction with a coil spring, they are also used to insulate vibration... Search by Specification | Learn More
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PLAY Inches (mm). Methods of Preloading. Deadweight: Adhesive. A fixed weight is set against the bearing ring. while adhesive cures to retain the bearings. Spring: Spring. A spring (often Belleville type) is used to press. the races together or apart. Note that this assembly. will have minimal...

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  • Study on a PZT actuator based on pre-stressed mechanism
    The ³zero´ spring rate for a Belleville spring assembly at the neutral position of the elastic suspension if approximated will produce a stable disc spring suspension having an infinitely low natural frequency provided this assembly is deflected to a flat stressed condition.
  • Development of an Innovative Pre-stressed PZT Actuator by FEA and Experiment Verification
    The "zero" spring rate for a Belleville spring assembly at the neutral position of the elastic suspension if approximated will produce a stable disc spring suspension having an infinitely low natural frequency provided this assembly is deflected to a flat stressed condition.
    This Model II version utilizes Belleville springs rather than a helical spring and does not deflect the gas flow as much. Natural frequency is higher (515 cps) because of stiffer springs and smaller moving mass, reducing acceleration-loading effects.
  • Pressure Reactive Piston Technology Investigation and Development for Spark Ignition Engines
    The spring constant and preload are determined experimentally by using an Instron Machine. where K is spring constant, Fpre is preload, and c is the damping coefficient of the Belleville spring . It is important to note that the calculated natural frequency of the piston crown (∼41,000 rpm), is much higher than the normal operating engine speed. y2 is the distance between the crankshaft axis and lower piston and its second derivative is...
  • Overview of ZTH
    The generator and foundation constitute a damped spring mass system with a low natural frequency . ...a 5450 tonnes (6,000 ton) concrete inertia block which rests on 60 belleville washer type, damped...
  • On the Design of the Piecewise Linear Vibration Absorber solution for the case of harmonic forcing by advocating the choice of softening Belleville washers. However, this arrangement is effective only for the situation where the excitation frequency is below the structure’s natural frequency. ...expand the arsenal of available devices by proposing the use of piecewise linear springs in absorber design.
  • Introduction to Engine Valvetrains
    materials, 229 natural frequency , 290-293 stress, 285-286, 289, 294 types Belleville spring , 320, 321/ check ball spring, 209-211/212 garter spring, 300/ 304 lifter return spring, 229 .
  • A Novel Seamless 2-Speed Transmission System for Electric Vehicles: Principles and Simulation Results
    This makes the natural frequency of the transmission during the gearshift much higher than when the system works either in first or second gear. The model includes the details of the clutch actuation system, controlling the position and permitting a precise modulation of the friction clutch torque through the Belleville spring .
  • Design installation and commissioning of the Los Alamos National Laboratory pulsed power generator
    ...lies a 1.2 m thick gra.vel bed, which sits on the natural tuff (volcanic ash... Each spring assembly consists of four leg supports, which allow for an adjustment in height, and a... Four Belleville - type washers in the spring box provide the spring action. The basic resonance frequency of the inertia block-spring system is approximately 5 Hz.
  • Developments in Gas Conductor-Cooled Generators
    The stators of 1800-r/min generators have not been subject to abnormal core amplitude presumably because of their relatively high natural frequencies in the 4-lobe mode excited As in the 3600-r/min stators, Belleville springs and individual self-equalizing finger plates are employed.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Testing of a Passenger Car Suspension for Vibration and Harshness Analysis
    1.1) with (1.2) where x(t) is the sinusoidal input (displacement) of the system (with amplitude equal to X), ω is its natural frequency , and α(t) is the ratio X/F. As shown in Fig. 5, such an element has been designed and manufactured and is composed of two precision belleville springs coupled in parallel.
    This preload can be varied by stacking in different sizes and arrangements Belleville springs as shown in Figure 5-3. It is shown by Lindley that for Natural rubber the addition of fillers have a considerable stiffening effect on the low frequency complex modulus of rubber and much lower effect on the high frequency complex modulus.
  • Reactor operating experiences, 1972--1974
    These pulsations occurred from a combi­ nation of flow turbulence, inlet coolant impact on the barrel and excita­ tion of the known 0.5 hz. natural frequency of the system. This design does not depend on interference fit for achieving holddown load, but rather on a series of Belleville spring units contained within pockets in the flange of the up­ per guide structure and compressed against the reactor vessel closure head.