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  • Pressure Washer Pumps: Belt Drive vs. Direct Drive
    More Articles. Differences Between Direct Drive Pump and Belt Drive Pump. A "Direct Drive" pump has a hollow shaft, which simply slides onto the drive shaft of a motor or engine. The flange on the pump is mounted to the face of the engine or shaft end of the motor. Normal gasoline engine speed
  • 3 Tips for Choosing a Linear Slide Table
    Whether you want to design your own linear slide table system or buy one as a readymade, off-the-shelf assembly, there are a wide variety of linear products available on the market today. Materials like plastic or bronze leadscrew nuts, ball screws, as well as a variety of belt-driven ball bearing
  • Linear Motors Offer Precise Positioning and Highly Dynamic Response for Many Motion-Control Task
    motors are simple. Two main components, the primary containing electromagnets and the secondary either with permanent magnets or magnet-free, drive the moving member. This eliminates servomotors, resolvers, tachometers, couplings, pulleys, timing belts, ball screws and nuts, support bearings
  • Hybrid Linear Actuators: Technical Overview
    Converting the rotary motion of a stepping motor into linear motion can be accomplished by several mechanical means, including rack and pinion, belts and pulleys and other mechanical linkages. All of these designs require various mechanical components. The most effective way to accomplish
  • Pneumatic linear guides lighten loads
    motors, electromechanical ball-screw or belt drives, and hydraulic cylinders. But designers of automated assembly machines increasingly turn to pneumatic linear guides because they provide a combination of features that enhance overall machine performance. Pneumatic systems require a source
  • Mounting Sprockets and Pulleys on Pilot Style Clutches - Considerations & Guidelines (.pdf)
     into . consideration.  Mounting a single or “A” type sprocket is straightforward in this regard, for it is simply bored to a . slide fit over the pilot diameter and is drilled to match the bolt size and pattern of the supplied clutch.  Multiple . strand sprockets, “B” type sprockets, timing belt
  • Medical Device Link .
    A line of x-y-z systems are designed for automatic placement of adhesives in medical device manufacturing applications. Many different types of adhesives can be used, including UV adhesives, epoxies, solvents, super glues, and RTVs. The manufacturer offers both stepper-controlled, belt
  • Medical Device Link .
    belt driven slides A series of five timing belt driven slides provide speeds up to 5 m/sec. The Blue Line 1, Blue Line 2, and ZF 1 3 series slides use HTD timing belts, have position switches with accuracy to <=1.0 mm, and feature >0.2-mm repeatability of travel. Maximum speeds range from 1.5 to 5 m

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