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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
255L050 ASAP Semiconductor BELT Not Provided TIMING L PITCH 648 MM
270L075 ASAP Semiconductor BELT Not Provided TIMING L PITCH 686 MM
190XL037 ASAP Semiconductor BELT Not Provided TIMING XL PITCH 483 MM

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  • Cord Tensioning is Critical to Belt Performance
    Belt Pitch. The pitch of the belt is controlled by either increasing or decreasing the cord tension in the manufacturing process. Increasing the tension shortens the length, and decreasing makes the belt longer. Good control of pitch length requires control of tension. Belt Straightness. Uniform
  • Tension in timing-belt drives
    A urethane timing belt moves samples into position in this CAD simulation of an automated blood sampling machine. Timing-belt drives transmit torque and motion from a driving to a driven pulley or force to a linear actuator. They may also convey a load placed on the belt surface. A drive under load
  • Variable-Pitch Drives
    Variable-pitch drives are the simplest of all mechanical adjustable-speed mechanisms. Most of these drives use rubber belts. However, chain types are unmatched in regard to its particular strong points. Belt and chain adjustable-speed drives are "adjustable " in two senses. One type
  • Table Filters
    . The slurry is confined by an internal ring fixed to the table around the center and a continuous rubber belt around the outside diameter. The cake is discharged via a variable pitch screw. Table filters can operate at high vacuum levels and handle thick cakes.
  • It's a swing and a miss
    Announcers may no longer utter that statement if a concept baseball pitching machine comes to fruition. Full degree-of-freedom pitching machine featuring yaw and pitch-control frames. Stepper motor and gear belt rotate the pipe. Front view of the propulsion system consisting of an air tank, valve
  • Gear Drives
    , the mechanical type generally cannot transmit as much power as electricaldrives when variable speed is essential. The basic types of adjustable-speed drives are geared transmissions (which provide only specific fixed-speed ratios), variable-pitch belt and chain drives (which provide infinitely
  • Basics of Configuring Drives
    at a different speed ratio or with an intermittent motion. Linear drives include leadscrews, conveyor belts, cranes, and rack-and-pinion drives. Rotary drives include all types of gearheads and (toothed) belt constructions. It typically takes just a few parameters to describe the conversion of power
  • Stator Stakes Claim to Top Powder-Metal Prize
    consumption and the formation of exhaust gases, and improves engine performance, especially torque at low rpms. It has two splines, one for the timing-belt pulley and one for the VVT housing. The PM part is said to be substantially less expensive to make than its two-part predecessor despite the fact

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