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  • Speed Switch Monitors Coal Conveyor for Belt Slippage
    The Electro-Sensors SCP1000 Shaft Speed Switch with 255 Pulser Disc can monitor tail pulley for slowdown due to belt slippage or breakage preventing unwanted slowdown or stoppage of a coal conveyor that can result in costly and even. dangerous conditions.
  • Monitor Sludge Conveyors with a Speed Switch
    Use the Electro-Sensors SCP1000 Shaft Speed Switch with the 255 Pulser Disc to monitor tail pulley on a sludge conveyor for slowdown due to belt slippage, belt breakage, or overloading.
  • Measurement Techniques for Incremental Sensors: Encoders, Frequency Counters, Magnetic RPM sensors, etc.
    Measurement of angle, distance, frequency, and speed, as well as general event counting measurements are commonplace in a variety of industrial situations including gearboxes, engine and motor operation, conveyor belts, milling and drilling machinery, and robotic assembly systems. This paper
  • Designing Motion-Control Systems With Electric Cylinders
    . Electric cylinders come in a variety of load and speed ratings, lengths, motor types, and load attachments. Their modular design lets them fit a wide range of machines. Internal construction of a belt-drive electric cylinder Electric cylinders are often used in simple bang-bang motion control
  • Coming: Cars smarter than their drivers
    cage. Sensors play a key role in the APIA system. Mounted to the front of the car, they gather data on vehicle parameters such as speed and distance of objects in front of the car. A closing-velocity (CV) sensor features a wide short-distance detection range, to 150 m, detecting events
  • Pneumatic or servo?
    is the absence of an alarm signal as generated by some sensor, usually a mechanical or Hall-effect switch located near the mechanical stop. The speed at which events happen under open-loop control is dictated by physical factors such as mechanical friction and the amount of force the actuator generates
  • Semiconductor Equipment Makers Look for Stability
    was a conveyor adapted by Bosch Rexroth, Farmington Hills, Mich., to move solar modules through an assembly process. The modules ride on belts powered by gearmotors operated from variable-speed drives. Capacitive prox sensors detect when modules near the end of the run, and a pneumatic machine raises
  • Using the dsPIC30F & dsPIC33F DSCs for Sensorless BLDC Control
    braking current to regulate DC bus The BLDC motor is usually operated with one or more voltage. rotor position sensors since the electrical excitation Commutation scheme allows up to 30° phase must be synchronous to the rotor position. For reasons advance to be linearly introduced as the speed of cost

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