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Parts by Number for Belt Tensioner Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
38181 Global Industrial Gates Not Provided Gates ® Drivealign ® Automatic Belt Tensioner 38181
T42011 Global Industrial Gates Not Provided Gates ® Powergrip Timing Belt Tensioner T42011
39112 Global Industrial Gates Not Provided Gates ® Drivealign ® Automatic Belt Tensioner 39112

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  • Automatic Belt Tensioners Maintain Proper Tension, Improve Efficiency
    and achieve cost savings. On many AC units, the drive system often utilizes the popular V-belt to transmit power from the motor to the fan and/or compressor. Some companies would have you believe that this well-established power transmission system is outdated and inefficient, suggested the path
  • Combustion Assisted Belt-Cranking of a V-8 Engine at 12-Volts (.pdf)
    versus Speed for Energen 5 High Output System. (VBATT=12.5). Figure 2: Delphi Energen 5 High Output System. • Dual arm tensioner. An example of a normal cranking event using the SG is. plotted in Figure 6 below. To start the engine using the SG, the tension on the belt. must be kept high enough
  • Automotive Pre-Tensioner
    , where a wedge on the spool grips the belt webbing. Buckle and reel pre-tensioners are now further improving safety. Both types of pre-tensioners drag in the slack of the belt, physically pulling the occupant back into the seat on impact. They usually function by means of a spring, but the most advanced
  • Case Study: Motorcycle Engine Belt Drive System Delivers Smooth, Quiet Reliability
    tight and they whine. S &S sought a unique solution: a high performance belt drive system from Gates. Roy Meyer said, "The onus was on Gates engineers to meet the tolerances we gave them. We depended on them to size the sprockets, figure out the belt length and develop the tensioner. ". Gates engineers
  • Autoliv Optimizes Vehicle Safety Equipment Using LMS Testing Solutions
    the occupants of the vehicle. Thomas Norberg, Laboratory Manager at Autoliv in V arg arda, Sweden, describes what happens starting at the onset of a crash, "A small pyrotechnic charge activates belt pre-tensioners, which tighten the belts and restrain the occupants as early as possible. After
  • Don't touch CAD until you've firmed up the concept
    . As design variables change, the program immediately recalculates deflection. The belt-drive example includes a tensioner. The system calculated belt length and tension based on tensioner characteristics. Repositioning the driver gives an idea of how the length and tension change. The design

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