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  • Benzoyl Peroxide Determination
    Benzoyl peroxide (BPO) is added to bone cement as a radical initiator for the methyl methacrylate monomer. BPO is highly reactive and degrades readily, with a temperature dependent half-life of one hour at 92 °C and one minute at 131 °C. The degradation products, benzoic acid and oxygen
  • Optical Liquid Level Sensor Application Note (.pdf)
    . Acetic acid - Glacial. Glycerol. Acetic acid - 10%. Heptane. Ammonia - 88. Hydrochloric acid 10%. Ammonium Hydroxide - 10%. Hydrochloric acid conc. Ammonium Chloride - 10%. Hydrogen Peroxide. Aviation spirit. Isopropanol. Benzene. Iso-Octane. Benzoic acid. Kerosene. Bleach. Linseed oil. Brine
  • PVC Exterior Coating Chemical Resistance Chart
    Alcohol. Any. 90. YES. YES. YES. Arsenic Acids. Any. 150. YES. YES. YES. Barium Sulfide. Sat'd. 160. YES. YES. YES. Black Liquor. Sat'd. 90. YES. YES. YES. Benzoic Acid. Sat'd. 160. YES. YES. YES. Brass Plating Solution. Any. 160. YES. YES. YES. Bromine Water. Sat'd. 120. YES. YES. YES. Butyl Alcohol
  • Urethane Interior Coating Chemical Resistance Chart
    Alcohol. Sat'd. 75 F. YES. YES. YES. Arsenic Acids. Any. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Barium Sulfide. Sat'd. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Black Liquor. Sat'd. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Benzoic Acid. Sat'd. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Brass Plating Solution. Sat'd. 75 F. YES. YES. NO. Bromine Water. Sat'd. 75 F. YES
  • Chemical Reactivity with Brush Materials
    ). Arylsulfonic Acid. Asphalt. Barium Carbonate. Barium Chloride. Barium Cyanide. Barium Hydroxide. Barium Nitrate. Barium Sulfate. Barium Sulfide. Barrel Chrome Bath 95o F. Bay Oils. Beer. Beet Sugar Liquids. Benzaldehyde. Benzalkonium Chloride. Benzene. Benzene Sulfonic Acid. Benzoic Acid. Benzyl. Benzonitrile
  • Soluble Narrow Band Gap and Blue Propylenedioxythiophene-Cyanovinylene Polymers
    . assisted laser desorption quadrupole-time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI QqTOF). with an Applied Biosystems QSTAR XL hybrid quadrupole-time-of-flight (QqTOF). mass spectrometer equipped with a vacuum MALDI source (Louisiana State University). HABA (2-(4-hydroxyphenylazo)benzoic acid
  • Polyurethane Material Properties
    . 2. 2. Acetylene. 2-3. 3. Barium Hydroxide. 1. 2. Adipic Acid. 1. 2. Benzaldehyde. 3-2. 4. Aluminum Chloride. 2. 2. Benzene. 4. 4. Aluminum Sulfate. 2. 2. Benzene (Gasoline). (aromatic). 2-3. 3. Aluminum Sulfide. 2. 2. Benzoic Acid. 2-3. 3-4. Ammonia. 2. 2-3. Boric Acid. 1. 2. Ammonium Acetate. 3-4
  • Chemical Resistance Chart
    A A AB A AC x. Benzoic Acid. A A A A A A. B A x. B B A. Aniline Chlorohydrate. x x. Benzyl Alcohol. x A A x x A x C A x. A C AB A A. Aniline Hydrochloride. x A A x x A. B B C. x. Benzyl Benzoate. A. C A x. C AB C. Aniline. x A A x x C. B B x A B AB A B AC. Benzyl Chloride. x A A. x A x B. C AB C

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