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    Vulcanized Fibre and Fish Paper - (26 companies)
    Vulcanized fibre and fish paper are unique and versatile engineering materials based on cellulose or cotton fibers, which have been in use for over one hundred years for mechanical and electrical applications. Vulcanized Fibre and Fish Paper... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Smoke Detectors-Image
    Smoke Detectors - (279 companies)
    Smoke detectors are designed to sense the products of combustion. Common types include ionization chambers and photoelectric devices. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rapid Prototyping Services-Image
    Rapid Prototyping Services - (906 companies)
    Rapid prototyping automates the fabrication of a prototype part from a three-dimensional (3-D) CAD drawing. These physical models convey more complete information about the product earlier in the development cycle. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Colleges and Universities - (959 companies)
    Science (A.A.S.) degrees are awarded by community colleges, junior colleges and some bachelor 's degree-granting colleges and universities upon the completion of a course of study equivalent to the first two years in a four-year institution. Bachelor... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Air Biofilters - (22 companies)
    ...such as peat, vegetable mulch, or wood chips for humidification purposes, or a combined natural and synthetic component. Systems using solely organic media may last for several years, while the combined material systems will generally last much long... Learn More
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    Differentials and Axles - (38 companies)
    A differential is a mechanical connection that translates rotational motion from a source to two axles. The driveshaft generally runs the length of the vehicle, from the energy input (a motor) to the energy output (the wheels). The axle of the driving wheels is split, with the driveshaft transferring motion through gearing arrangements to maintain a uniform direction and speed of the (live) axles. This arrangement is very common in rear-wheel drive cars and trucks, but is also employed in aircraft, production machinery and equipment, trains, and ships. Learn More
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    Technical Courses and Programs - (26 companies)
    ...of knowledge and length from 2 year to 6+ years: Two years (A.S./A.A.S/A.O.S.). Four year (B.S./B.A.). Masters, 2 to 3 years after B.S. (M.S./ M.A.). M.B.A. 2 to 3 years after B.S. Ph.D. 4 to 6 Years after B.S. Seminar/Webinar -- Seminars are talks... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Dewatering Equipment - (227 companies)
    Moderate. Low. High. Drying beds. 25 – 60. 90 - 100. Slow (weeks or months). Very low. Low. Low. Sludge lagoons. 20 – 40. 90 - 100. Very slow (months or years). None. Very low. None. Gravity/Low Pressure. 10 – 50. 90 - 96. Moderate (days or weeks). Low... Learn More
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    Notebook and Laptop Computers - (550 companies) just a year. Capacity vs. cycles vs. resistance. Graph credit: Cadex. In recent years there has been development in solar-powered laptops. These computers do not offer robust processing power and are intended to network the developing world... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tablet Computers - (191 companies)
    ...outside of the office" has an annual failure rate of "more than 30% per device." Failure rates for rugged tablets in similar conditions are less than 4% per year. They are durable and shockproof to withstand research, military, construction... Search by Specification | Learn More

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