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Epoch (astronomy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
So, "1950" is the calendar year 1950, and "1950.0" = "B1950.0" is the beginning of Besselian year 1950.

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5.9 Gaussian year 5.10 Besselian year 5.11 Variation in the length of the year and the day

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beginning of Besselian year 1950. X axis Inertial mean of year 1950 frame of reference.

This class implements Besselian coordinate systems. but the rectify and derectify function perform transformation from/to Besselian coordinates.

Discussion of Example ADC FITS Table Header for AGK3 Catalog
RAH starts in column 14 and contains a two-digit integer with the hours of right ascension of the position of the star, equinox 1950, Besselian.

Astrotime (Aladin)
Byr Value of Besselian Year in days static Editing Value of Besselian Year in days See Also:

SLALIB -- Positional Astronomy Library
SLA_CALYD - Calendar to Year, Day SLA_CC2S - Cartesian to Spherical SLA_CLYD - Calendar to Year, Day SLA_COMBN - Next Combination

Besselian Epoch A continuous measure based on a tropical year of about 365.2422 days.

Alcyone Astronomical Software - ephemeris software,...

Julian date Besselian year x (mas) / date (1846- latest year ) y (mas) / date (1846- latest year ) Polhody (x,-y) (mas) (1846- latest year ) UT1-UTC

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